June is finally upon us and with the water warming up the start of the 1st annual Global Swim Series season is finally here.  We’ve had a busy past couple months of scheduling and preparing but now it’s time to get down to the fun part – racing!  In two weeks on June 14th the series will officially kick off at the Caledon Quarry Swim Race.

The 2015 season will feature 20 races across the globe and will run from June to December.  There are plenty of different distances and each race offers it’s own unique experience and style.  From beginners new to the sport, to seasoned open water veterans, GSS Races offer good fun and great competition for everyone!

More information on all the individual GSS Races can be found on their respective Race Profiles under the Races tab in the main menu.

Races by Country

1433127697_Canada-Flag Canada – 11 – Caledon Quarry I, EPIC Swim, Mine over Matter, North Shore Challenge, Bring on the Bay, LOST Race, Toronto Island Lake Swim, Sea Dogs Swim, Nanaimo Ocean Swim, Variety Village OWS, Caledon Quarry II

1433127710_United-States-Flag United States – 3 – Willoughby Swim, Kingdom Swim, In Search of Memphre

1433127843_Barbados-Flag Barbados – 1 – Barbados Open Water Swim Festival

1433127791_Ireland-Flag Ireland – 3 Lough Key Castle Island Swim, Hodson Mile, Glendalough National Park Swim

1433127807_Brazil-Flag Brazil – 2 – King & Queen of the Sea Stage II, King & Queen of the Sea Stage III


We encourage all swimmers to get familiar with the GSS rules, which can be read in full on the GSS Rules tab.  The basics are for each GSS race a swimmer does they will be given a point score from 50-100 based on your percentile you finish in (you get 50 points just for coming out and completing the race).  These points are cumulative so the more races you do during the season, the more points you get.  As soon as you complete 1 GSS race you will be ranked against all GSS swimmers around the world!

Results & Rankings

All GSS Race results will be posted on the site under the Results section after the completion of the race.  We will also update the Global Rankings at the start of each week.  In addition to results and rankings stay tuned to the site for exclusive race reports and event previews.


The 2015 GSS season will feature thousands of swimmers worldwide competing for the ultimate title of Global Champion!  After the conclusion of the last race we will award the 4 Global Champions (one for each division: Male Wetsuit, Female Wetsuit, Male Non-Wetsuit & Female Non-Wetsuit).  These 4 winners will have their names added to the Global Swim Series trophy!


We will also announce age group winners as well (Age groups are by 10 year groups, see the Rules tab for a full breakdown) and the top swimmer in each category for GSS North America, GSS Europe and GSS Latin America.  We will also make recognize swimmer in each division with the highest point average.  This is calculated by averaging the swimmer’s points for their top 2 races.

With plenty of awards and great races all over the world, we are very excited to get the season going and look forward to seeing you out at a race this season!

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1433127697_Canada-Flag 1433127710_United-States-Flag 1433127807_Brazil-Flag 1433127791_Ireland-Flag 1433127843_Barbados-Flag

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