The 2018 LOST Race and LOST Mile race day turned out to be an incredible day of excitement, fun, and perfect warm summer weather. Despite the wavy conditions, the water was warm and a welcome change from the past few years where cold temperatures prevented swimmers from competing in the full distances.

Swimmers battled it out against each other and against the waves to compete in both races which also served as the 2018 Masters Swimming Canada Open Water Championships adding another layer of competition for participants.

Who Came Out?

The 2018 turnout has grown to around 200 swimmers. The participants include all levels of swimmers from recreational to club swimmers, Olympians, NCAA athletes, Canadian Varsity athletes, Ironman triathletes and individuals who have even swum the English Channel and Lake Ontario! No matter the swimming level though, the LOST races are about participation, having fun, and celebrating a sport that encourages all levels of engagement. Because of this, not only do we have an incredible roster of participants, but we also have amazing supporters who come to cheer on the participants and volunteer their time and energy to make this race a success every year.

Participants and Winners

2018 swimmers were celebrated with participation medals as well as LOST water bottles and stickers. Winners received custom LOST race and LOST mile Lake Ontario stones and winners of the Masters Swimming Canada races received backpacks and goggles sponsored by Arena.

The 2018 3.8k LOST race women’s winner in the wetsuit division was Carly Cermak in a record seetting time of 50:08. She was followed by Elizabeth Primrose and Jen Amaral. Coming in at a speedy 47:02, the men’s winner of the 3.8 km LOST Race wetsuit division was Chris Van De Water followed by David Spencer and Robert Landriault.

In the LOST race non-wetsuit division, the women’s winner was Elise Bolger in the time of 51:32 followed by Olga Bordatcheva, and Emily Slaney. In the men’s non-wetsuit LOST race, the winner was GSS’s own Dylan Kent in the time of 50:09 followed by Luis Escobar and Peter McKinnon.

In the LOST mile women’s wetsuit division, the winner was Erika Friesen also of GSS, in the time of 26:19, followed by Heather Winmill and Lisa Futerman. In the LOST mile men’s wetsuit division the winner was Daniel Phillips in the time of 26:02 followed by Bob Lesser, and Nicholas Duprey.

Last but not least, in the LOST mile women’s non-wetsuit division, the winner was Lesley Dusevic in the time of 26:07, followed by Tamsin Andrews and Cora Michener. In the LOST mile men’s non-wetsuit division, the winner was Craig Ross in the time of 25:43, followed by Dan Thompson, and Michael Laing.

For results from the Masters Swimming Canada Championships, check it out here.

Next year

Although this year’s open water swimming season is coming to a close, we are already looking forward to next year. If you’re looking for a group to swim with come June, look out for the LOST swimmers on Saturday mornings at the bottom on Navy Street in Oakville. The more the merrier as they say! And, it’s the perfect way to get ready for the 2019 LOST race and LOST mile, coming your way next August.

For more information about LOST and how to get involved, check out the LOST website here.


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