There’s a lot of open water swimming action coming up in Auckland, New Zealand.  With the GSS actions shifting to primarily Southern Hemisphere racing, we’ve turned our attention to a very busy season ahead in New Zealand.  Last season, the New Zealanders were right up there in the Global Rankings and with 12 upcoming races you can bet a few of them will be back up there battling for top spots!

Making up 5 of our GSS races in New Zealand are the annual races hosted by the Auckland Central Masters. Beginning in November these races include the Herne Bay to Watchman Island Swim, The Bays Swim, Rangitoto Island Swim, Chelsea Sugar Swim and the Auckland Marathon Swim. Taking place in what is the summer months of New Zealand and showing off the beautiful shores of Auckland and the surrounding area’s finest bays, the races within the Auckland Central Masters Swim series are not any to miss.

Herne Bay to Watchman Island

Herne Bay to Watchman Island is an exciting 2.2 km race around Watchman Island. Beginning the race in the famous Auckland Harbour swimmers race out and around Watchman Island and back. The race’s backdrop is the picturesque shoreline of Herne bay and Mansfield beach.

The Bays Swim

The Bays Swim is an option of either a 4km or 2.6 km swim taking the distance of the Auckland Central Masters swim season races to the next level. An extremely viewer friendly swim, spectators will watch the athletes launch into the warm crisp blue waters of Karaka Bay to begin this race.

Rangitoto Island Swim

Noted as the longest running open water swim in New Zealand, the Rangitoto Island Swim has definitely stood the test of time. 31 years old and with a maximum capacity of 500 swimmers, the race is an often competitive and sought out for challenge.

Chelsea Sugar Swim

Truly special to open water swimming in Auckland, the Chelsea Sugar Swim is one for any swimmer’s list. Swimming across the harbour down from the Auckland Harbour Bridge on to the Chelsea Sugar Works, swimmers will find themselves well taken care of while tested to their range of abilities. Swimmers of all abilities are encouraged to check out the Chelsea Sugar Swim.

Auckland Marathon swim prior to the start

Auckland Marathon Swim

The series finale is also the ultimate test on the New Zealand calendar.  A unique and different course is selected each year for the Auckland Marathon Swim based on the tides and currents. A wide assortment of swimmers take part in the 10km swim in the warm waters of St. Heliers Bay.  The race has a very doable cutoff time of 4 and a half hours, which in some years can be made easier by the current assist.

Find out more about the Auckland Central Masters GSS Swims as well as the rest of GSS New Zealand lineup by checking out our races tab!


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