Hardware from the Battle for Carlingford Lough Swim!

With the addition of 5 races in Ireland & Northern Ireland, they now have an incredible total of 18 (7+11, respectively)!

With this kind of enthusiasm for open water swimming it probably isn’t too surprising that 3 1/2 of the Global Swim Series champions came from Ireland/Northern Ireland last season!  The half?  Well, the 4th winner was from Ireland, but moved to New Zealand part way through the season and picked up some more points in New Zealand to secure his win!

Sheephaven Bay Swim

So half in Ireland/NI and the other half in New Zealand.  This is what we love to see… that people are building these races into their travel plans too!

So if you are from Ireland and Northern Ireland, check out these races.  And if you are looking for a fun swim trip where you can pick up a whole bunch of GSS points to improve your Global Ranking, then Ireland is where you want to go for vacation!

  1. Battle of Carlingford Lough Swim – great name and a beautiful 7.5 km race, right on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Spectacular Irish countryside.
  2. Sheephaven Bay Swim – actually in Ireland, at the northern end.  A spectacular 4 km swim in the sea, where you might even end up swimming with some local dolphins!

    Camlough Lake
  3. Maria Murphy 5k Championship Cup – a 2 loop, 5km, race in beautiful Camlough Lake, the site of the 2016 GSS European Championships!
  4. Lord and Lady of Camlough Lake – great venue and event, along with the race, there is a night swim and water polo match.  And great facilities to watch it all too!
  5. Rock Around the Point – a true sea swim, just 1.6 km, but it can still be a challenging swim in the ocean! 



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