warrenpointWe are very proud to announce the single largest group of races to join the Global Swim Series at one time… the 8 races in the “The H2O Play Swim Series” of Northern Ireland is now part of the GSS!

These are beautiful, quaint ocean races scattered throughout Northern Ireland and scattered throughout the summer calendar.  Making them very accessible for swimmers in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England… as well as swimmers travelling in the area or looking to make a fun weekend out of these races!

Brexit may have happened, but the Global Swim Series is doing its best to bring people together!

The interesting thing this does is help out all the swimmers on the Emerald Isle, in terms of accumulating GSS points and improving their Global Ranking in the Global Swim Series… as well as helping move them up in the rankings at the GSS European Championship in Mallorca, Spain later this year!H20 logo

With 8 races now in Northern Ireland… and the 2 classic swims near Dublin; The Liffey Swim and Dun Laoghaire Harbour Swim… as well as the 3 races hosted by “Open Water Swimmer Ireland”, including the Glendalough National Park Swim, The Lough Key Castle Island Loop, and The Hodson Mile… and not to forget “The Great Fjord Swim” in Killary… there are a total of 14 GSS races in Ireland and Northern Ireland!

This means that the Irish/Northern Irish have the lead in the number of GSS races in the world with 14… then the Aussies with 11… and Canadians 11 too… followed by the Americans with 8… the Spanish with 6… and the Kiwi’s with 5 and the UAE with 4 races!  But who knows how this year of racing in the GSS will shape up, with more races being added all the time!

All told then, there are now 77 races in the Global Swim Series.  Over 34,000 swimmers.  And now 19 countries.  And still growing!

A big thanks to all the race directors that have joined us to help promote the sport of open water swimming and an equally big thanks to all the swimmers who come out and support all of these great races in the sport we love!

rostrevor swim


PS. we have put up the first swim in the H2O Play Swim Series, Rostrevor to Warrenpoint Swim, but we don’t have all 8 of the Northern Ireland races listed just yet, it takes a bit to get the pages all built, but they will be up soon.  In the meantime you can find more info on the H2O Play Swim Series site.


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