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Here at the Global Swim Series we’re a little crazy about open water swimming. Our aim is to grow the sport of open water swimming by building a worldwide series that connects swimmers from around the globe, creating a competitive and fun environment. We want to encourage participation as much as ability. Life, after all, is a participation sport! We allow swimmers to gain exposure to new open water races, each with their own unique venue and environment, while still competing against other swimmers across the globe.



The Global Swim Series started as an idea put together by a few local race directors in Ontario, Canada that we could create something bigger than just our own local race. We wanted a way to connect swimmers from other races and give them a fun way to compete against one another.

Founded in 2014, the Global Swim Series had its inaugural season known as the Canadian Open Water Swim Series and had 12 races spread across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. The first season had over 2,000 participants with a breadth of experience from former Olympians, nationally ranked club swimmers, NCAA and CIS athletes, marathon swimmers, Ironman triathletes, but also welcomed the majority of participants without any auspicious credentials and encouraged those new to the sport of Open Water Swimming to join the fun. Our unique balance of competition and participation encouraged all those enthusiastic about the sport to come out and get into the competition.

After an impressive first year in Canada, the decision was made to go global and thus the Global Swim Series was born. We had our first full year starting in May 2015 and the series was a resounding success in a variety of areas around the globe. We experience tremendous growth and enthusiasm and saw the series grow to 37 races in 20 countries!

Now looking ahead to the future we aim to expand to brand new areas as well as enhance the GSS experience for our growing number of dedicated swimmers in existing ones!


GSS Executive Team

Rob Kent

President & CEO

Rob has a breadth of swimming experience that spans decades. In the pool he was a national silver medalist and raced at the 1988 Olympic Trials. After a 17 year hiatus from the sport he returned and attempted a crossing of the English Channel. Through his training he founded the Lake Ontario Swim Team (L.O.S.T.), which has grown to be one of the largest open water swim teams in the world with over 200 members each year. Rob has gone on to complete a number of Ironmans, ultramarathons, and marathon swims including the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, Swim Across the Sound and a 42.2km crossing of Lake Ontario. He is also a banking executive, entrepreneur and professor of international finance. Rob’s main goal is to encourage others to get involved in the great sport of open water swimming through LOST Swimming and the Global Swim Series and to have some fun and adventure along the way!

Dylan Kent

Chief Operating Officer

Dylan is the co-founder of GSS and he brings a wealth of swimming experience and enthusiasm to the table. Dylan has been a competitive swimmer for 20 years swimming at the Canadian national level in the pool & open water. He has competed across North America both for the Oakville Aquatic Club and then as an NCAA Division I swimmer. Dylan was part of 3 NCAA conference Championship teams and graduated with honors with a BSc in Financial Economics. He has since developed a background in finance and private equity. Dylan has extensive experience organizing and crewing for some of the biggest marathon swims in the world including the English Channel, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Swim Across the Sound. Through GSS Dylan is keen to help further grow participation and excitement around the sport of Open Water Swimming.

Luis Escobar

VP - Business Development

Luis brings his elite level knowledge and passion of the sport to help grow GSS. Luis was one of the top open water swimmers in the world from 2002-12 and represented Mexico at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing in Open Water Swimming. He has attended FINA World Championships all over the world in addition to numerous World Cup races. In addition to his impressive swimming career Luis is also an accomplished swim coach and holds a degree in civil engineering with experience in project management.

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The Global Swim Series works with a variety of different partners around the world. We offer a number of different opportunities when it comes to sponsorship, advertising and partnership. If you’re interested in inquiring further please drop us an email at [email protected]