This weekend is another busy one on the GSS calendar.  There are two great races on opposite sides of the globe.  Just outside of Cape Town will be the Sanlam Cape Mile and the Swim For Haiti offers an exotic and exciting race on the Caribbean island.

After all the excitement in Durban, South Africa this past weekend, the action shifts across the country to the Western Cape.  Here many of the same swimmers will duke it out in another of South Africa’s crown jewels of open water swimming.  Looking to defend her title reigning champion and native South African Michelle Weber will have to fend off some intense international competition from Americans Ashley Wall and Lexie Kelly.  Also coming over from Midmar last weekend will likely be Chip Peterson, Chad Ho and Matthew Meyer.  We haven’t heard yet if female Midmar champion Ashley Twichell will be in attendance to extend her winning streak.

Just like the Midmar mile, the Sanlam Cape Mile also takes place in a beautiful dam.  The Eikenhof dam is located about an hour drive East from Cape Town. There should be well over 1000 swimmers in attendance in the 3rd edition of the event.  Along with the Midmar Mile, the Sanlam Mile is one of the most prestigious swimming events in South Africa (another worth mentioning is also the upcoming GSS race the Freedom Swim).

“The Sanlam Cape Mile is one of my favorite open water events.  It’s spectacular with live commentating, a live band, a bar and lots of food stands. The crowds of swimmers also add a fun element. The venue is beautiful, while the event is extremely well organized and ideal for families and friends.” – Michelle Weber

The Swim For Haiti

Also this weekend, on the other side of the globe is the Swim for Haiti. In contrast to the elite and professional atmosphere at the Sanlam Mile, the Swim for Haiti offers swimmers the chance at an off the beaten path style adventure. Now don’t get us wrong, the Swim for Haiti is an amazingly well organized race, each swimmer gets partnered with a local guide who paddles alongside the swimmer in a dugout canoe for the entire race.  The race is an amazing point-to-point swim in the Caribbean Sea starting at an offshore island and finishing the on the main island.

Swimmers and fishermen at the start for Swim For Haiti. Photo by Natalia Marques da Silva

The Swim for Haiti is a tremendous charity event that helps raise funds and bring awareness to help those in poverty in Haiti.  Stay tuned for results and follow up coverage from both these great events!

Stay tuned this upcoming week as we head into the first ever GSS Pacific Championships in Australia next weekend!


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