Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time to officially announce the Global Champions of the Gobal Swim Series.  It’s been a long season featuring 77 races in 19 different countries, each offering their own different flavor of excitement.

The series got a lot more competitive in a lot of regions this year.  With many more races there was easier access for swimmers around the world to get more chances to compete.  In addition, we also saw a number of swimmers take trips to travel to different events as well.  This is exactly what we try to promote here at GSS, swimmers from around the world planning fun and exciting trips to different races.  In particular we saw competition heat up in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the USA & South Africa.

It was a long season, and we’re proud to announce the 2016/17 Global Swim Series Champions!  Congratulations to these 4 who will have their names added to the GSS trophy!

Male Wetsuit Division

Paul Magill was the winner of the Men’s Wetsuit category completing 8 races with a total of 720.13 points. He narrowly beat out Peter Wilson by just 17 points. Stephen Archer was third in the division just cracking the 600 point barrier.

A quick look into the races completed by Magill and one can see that to obtain that 720 point total he completed 5 races in Northern Ireland and 3 in New Zealand.  Naturally a few people were wondering if this was in fact the same Paul Magill who completed all the races so far apart.  It turns out that Paul Magill is not only a die-hard GSS competitor, but also quite the world traveler.  He moved mid-season from Ireland to New Zealand and after enjoying the GSS season in Europe was also able to take part in the some of the Auckland area races as well.  So overall an impressive win featuring races on two opposite ends of the world, just what the Global Swim Series is all about, swimming everywhere!

RankNameCountryAge GroupPoints
1Paul MagillN Ireland30-39720.13
2Peter WilsonN Ireland40-49703.28
3Stephen ArcherN Ireland50-59606.73
4Jack McculloughN Ireland19&U578.7
5Francie McalindenIreland50-59570.5
6Cameron BlairCanada40-49523.76
7Colin LindsayIreland40-49506.96
8Gerry KellyCanada50-59446.56
9John GayfordCanada70-79432.92
10Dan GieruszakCanada60-69423.19

Female Wetsuit Division

The 2016/17 GSS Champion on in this division is Heather McLaughlin finishing at 711.56 points with 9 races completed. McLaughlin won by just over 100 points over the teenage Lauren Archer. Both women competed in races in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Both McLaughlin and Archer competed in the GSS European Championships with Archer being the 8th fastest female at the event.   Barbara Loeprich of Canada finished in 3rd overall in the division.

RankNameCountryAge GroupPoints
1Heather MclaughlinN Ireland40-49711.56
2Lauren ArcherN Ireland19&U609.08
3Barbara LoeprichCanada40-49470.74
4Megan DodgeCanada50-59461.07
5Rachel LillyNew Zealand20-29456.08
6Jane AndersonCanada50-59403.89
7Liz CalvertNew Zealand60-69359.17
8Rea DohertyN Ireland353.32
9Bronwen BurmesterNew Zealand60-69351.88
10Jenny StarkNew Zealand50-59299.83

Male Non-Wetsuit Division

In the Non-Wetsuit category it was Jack Boyle of Ireland who was the big winner here. Boyle completed the season just shy of 700 points and 186 points ahead of Sean Campbell who finished 2nd. Dean Halliday emerged ahead in a tight battle for third, giving the Europeans the sweep of the division.

RankNameCountryAge GroupPoints
1Jack BoyleIreland20-29698.61
2Sean CampbellN Ireland40-49512.2
3Dean HallidayN Ireland40-49464.39
4Michael KennyCanada40-49448.6
5Rob KentCanada50-59440.56
6Robbe DilissenAustralia19&U397.81
7Mike CochraneNew Zealand30-39372.47
8William AshforthNew Zealand19&U364.61
9Alexandr MazurucCanada60-69338.2
10John Alexander McconnellN Ireland40-49329.16

Female Non-Wetsuit Division

This one wasn’t even close. Though the division itself was very competitive from top to bottom, at the top end Ciara Doran of Ireland dominated the entire way. Doran crushed the existing GSS points record with 1185.57 points and completed 12 races. The 16 year old was unstoppable as she competed in races all across Ireland and Northern Ireland this season. She was undefeated throughout much of the season, winning her first 7 GSS races outright, posting the fast time overall in each.  Doran also was the top female in the 3km at the GSS European Championships and came 3rd overall.  She won the division by 520 points over Julie Murphy.  Murphy just beat out fellow countrywoman Olive Conroy by just 5 points to take 2nd place (with Conroy finishing 3rd). 

RankNameCountryAge GroupPoints
1Ciara DoranIreland19&U1185.57
2Julie MurphyN Ireland40-49666.16
3Olive ConroyN Ireland19&U661.18
4Mairi MacGregorCanada50-59622.84
5Susan Bryden CromwellCanada50-59588.48
6Karen ZerrCanada40-49412.33
7Paulette TaskerNew Zealand40-49391.66
8Emma Van LoockN Ireland40-49384.9
9Kate HilliardAustralia20-29369.14
10Sara NicholsonCanada20-29356.93

With almost 80 races all over the world it’s tough to recap every highlight of the year, but here’s a few interesting facts & stats we wanted to note:

-72% of the age group records were broken from last year. 2 out of the 4 Global Champions broke their respective division records, both in the Non-Wetsuit Category (Jack Boyle and Ciara Doran).

George Milne of Canada in the 80&O Male Wetsuit Category is the only person to have defended their age group title from last year. With increased competition from different areas of the globe it’ll be interesting to see what happens next year as well.

-The Female Non-Wetsuit division broke every single age group record from last year with the winners averaging 234 points higher than the winners last year. This dramatic increase was of course headlined by Ciara Doran’s dominant 1000 point increase from the 19&U age group winner last year (the average increase with Doran removed is still over 100 points for the remaining age groups however).

GSS Age Group Champions 2016/17

Male Wetsuit Age Group Winners

Age GroupNameCountryPoints
19&UJack McCulloughIreland578.7
20-29Jonathan RidlerNew Zealand351.84
30-39Paul MagillN Ireland720.13
40-49Peter WilsonN Ireland703.28
50-59Stephen ArcherN Ireland606.73
60-69Dan GieruszakCanada423.19
70-79John GayfordCanada432.92
80&OGeorge MilneCanada247.63

Female Wetsuit Age Group Winners

Age GroupNameCountryPoints
19&ULauren ArcherN Ireland609.08
20-29Rachel LillyNew Zealand456.08
30-39Kate MacPhersonNew Zealand239.35
40-49Heather McLaughlinN Ireland711.56
50-59Megan DodgeCanada461.07
60-69Liz CalvertNew Zealand359.17
70-79Pam KempsonAustralia109.49

Male Non-Wetsuit Age Group Winners

Age GroupNameCountryPoints
19&URobbe DilissenAustralia397.81
20-29Jack BoyleIreland698.61
30-39Mike CochraneNew Zealand372.47
40-49Sean CampbellN Ireland512.2
50-59Rob KentCanada440.56
60-69Alexandr MazurucCanada338.2
70-79Wilson GambleAustralia160.11
80&ODoug HellersonUSA167.54

Female Non-Wetsuit Age Group Winners

Age GroupNameCountryPoints
19&UCiara DoranIreland1185.57
20-29Kate HilliardAustralia369.14
30-39Michelle ChopraNew Zealand313.2
40-49Julie MurphyN Ireland666.16
50-59Mairi MacGregorCanada622.84
60-69Rosie LangleyAustralia179.6
70-79Sue WilesAustralia109.34
80&OAlice LovettAustralia93.11

Full GSS Global Rankings can be found here.

Finally, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the race directors, organizers, crew, volunteers, and everyone else who helps keep the Global Swim Series Races going.  Without the hard work by a lot of people around the world all these great races wouldn’t be able to run.  It takes a lot of hard work and those who help to put on these incredible races deserve a lot of recognition.

And also a thank you to you, the swimmers.  The tens of thousands of you from all corners of the globe that came out and took part in a GSS race this year.  Your enthusiasm and excitement for our sport is what keeps us at the Global Swim Series constantly motivated to improve.  Our motto has always been that life is a participation sport and we’re very happy to have the tens of thousands (and constantly growing number) of you who choose to get off the couch and jump into the water who share our philosophy. Thanks for a great 2016/17 season and cheers to an even better one next year!

Happy Swimming,

-The GSS Team

The beauty of a truly global series is that there’s no off season. There’s going to be plenty of great races and excitement coming up soon!  We’ll be kicking off year 3 of the Global Swim Series officially on May 1st so stay tuned for more!


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