After a successful first European Championships held in Camlough, Ireland in 2016, the second GSS Euro Champs will be in Austria.

Specifically the “GSS – European Championship” for the 2016/17 season will be held in Mörbisch Am See, Austria, on June 23-25, 2017.

The GSS European Championship will be part of the 5th “Swim Festival Neusiedler See”, which is the biggest swim event in Austria.

The whole event starts with a charity race and evening with music acts of the Seefestspiele Mörbisch.  As for the races, there are a wide number of distances appropriate for a variety of skill levels ranging from: the big “around the island” 5km, “the 3.5 km Crossing”, 1.9 km half iron-triathlon distance, as well as the 1.0 km and .5 km for everybody and beginners. There will even be a kids competition too.

This will be the perfect spot for the first GSS – European Championships as the Austrian open water scene has grown dramatically recently, especially with the new Austrian Cup races.

For those not familiar with the location, Mörbisch Am See is located in the eastern end of Austria, just an hour south of Vienna.

The area is a great location for a destination race.  Win or lose, it’s always nice to enjoy what the area has to offer, and this area of central Europe has a lot to offer.

The race itself is located in the heart of wine country, with some of the best Austrian reds made right there.  On top of that there is the world famous outdoor theatre with magnificent productions right on the shore of the lake.

1st GSS Race, Saturday 24 th of June

This new race, “Illmitz-Morbisch Lake Crossing” is on the second day of the Swim Festival . On Saturday morning at 9.30 this first GSS Event revives an old classic across-the-lake-race! It will start with a scenic transport by boat to Illmitz. The crossing Illmitz – Mörbisch represents a demanding 3,5 k distance. It is a challenge for everybody because of steady wind but the scenerie targeting the big amphitheater is increadible.

On Saturday evening there will be a big side event with a famous midyear party  in the wineries of Mörbisch having a great view across the lake.

On Sunday morning the 2nd GSS Race will take place. It represents a scenic route around an Island close to the Hungarian boarder. It starts and ends in the arena of Mörbisch with the big amphitheater as a famous backdrop. Your friends and family can accompany the first swimmers with a boat trip, offering a sponsored breakfast while watching your heros.

Some of the competitors compete all 3 days and enjoy the evening charity program or mid-summer festival around the big fire.

One unique addition that makes it a bit more fun for spectators is the boat trip you can take to accompany the 5km top competitors.

Also be sure to take in the special tour of the famous Seefestspiele of Mörbisch.  The famous event “Seefestspiele of Mörbisch” is an amazing music and performing arts festival that takes place over the summer and is held in a spectacular 6,000 seat amphitheater right on the shore of Lake Neusiedler! The actual arts festival takes place a little later in the summer, but there is a good chance you could take in some of the private and exclusive rehearsals and get a backstage peek while you are there!

All in all it makes for pretty incredible trip and race, with memorable mix of culture, arts and athletics.


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