The Vansbrosimningen kicks off this weekend in Vansbro, Sweden and will serve as this year’s GSS European Championships! The event is one of the largest open water swims in the world and offers a full week of non-stop fun and excitement.

Taking place in Vansbro, Sweden a small town a few hours to the Northwest of Stockholm, this event has been a Swedish classic for over 50 years. In 1950 9 local residents decided to have a friendly competition to race under all 7 bridges in the town. This is still the route swimmers travel today. 1956 was the first year a more formalized contest was held and the race has grown ever since now attracting thousands of swimmers from all over the world.

During this year’s event there’s an expected 15 000 participants in eleven different races. The weather so far has been good this summer with a lot of sun and high temperatures so organizers are hoping it will continue to the event.

At this year’s event and in perfect timing for the GSS European Championship there will be the official inauguration of the 10K race on July 1st. In it’s inaugural year the 10k is expected to have 250 swimmers and should be an exciting and challenging addition to the action packed week.

Now aside from all the athletic action packed into the week there’s also a large focus on entertainment along the track with musicians of all sorts, Swedish folk music, choirs and troubadours. This will give the participants, and above all the non-elite participators, an elevated experience of the race. The goal is to make the experience of the average participant as memorable and fun as possible.

So with a jam-packed lineup of classic open water swims as well as other sports, cultural festivities and thousands of other athletes from all over the world to enjoy it with, we’re wishing everyone a good time this week at the GSS European Championships at the Vansbrosimningen!


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