Round the Sound Swim

October 13th
10km, 4km, 2km & 0.8km
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

This is an amazingly beautiful swim. That should be enough right there to entice you to go. But it is also on a unique island with substantial history linking it to the UK and the US (ships from Bermuda delivered food and supplies to Jamestown in 1610 to help the colonists survive the “starving time”). So now you have the excuse you’ve always wanted to go and visit (and swim in!) Bermuda!

But we’ll give you all the details too, in case you wanted to know more!

First of all, you won’t be the first person to go to this race… it has run every year since 1990 and attracts close to 400 swimmers! There are four different distances – 10k, 4k, 2k and 0.8k, with starts at different locations and staggered to ensure that swimmers will tend to all finish around the same time. The water will be around 78f, so no wetsuits allowed or needed, but “non-wetsuit” swimmers in GSS can still earn points, see GSS rules for details. The open water swimming events take place in beautiful Harrington Sound. Bermuda’s water temperature in October averages 78f. Since inception the Round the Sound Swim has raised over $350,000 for local Bermuda charities, as well as provided a great reason to swim in Bermuda. And in case you didn’t have Bermuda on your list of places you wanted to travel and see (and these pictures didn’t make it clear!) then here is some more detail of other non-race activities available on the island:

Come for the swim and enjoy all Bermuda has to offer: horseback riding on the beaches, diving the shipwrecks for treasure, snorkeling/swimming over beautiful reefs, golf overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you can wear Bermuda shorts and fit in while enjoying a Rum Swizzle at the Swizzle Inn. There is also world class shopping & restaurants, you can cross the world’s smallest drawbridge (a foot long!), and don’t forget the post-race karaoke and social swim inside a cave/grotto at The Grotto Bay Beach Resort!

Bermuda is an overseas territory of the UK and boasts 75 miles of dramatic coastline. Rich in history it lies in an astoundingly beautiful stretch of the Atlantic, a mere 650 miles east of North Carolina. Flights from New York and other eastern US cities reach Bermuda’s shores in less than two hours, and there are daily direct flights from Toronto (3 hours) and London (7 hours).

Bermuda has been voted the Best Island in the Caribbean/Atlantic region by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.