Like always it’s been a busy July for the Global Swim Series.  This weekend will be no different with 3 races over the weekend and another coming up next Wednesday.  There’s been a lot of action so far on the Global Rankings (which are up to date as of now) and this weekend should toss up some of the standings in all 4 divisions.  After a Canadian heavy schedule last weekend, GSS swimmers in Ireland and Northern Ireland will be looking to even things up.  We’ll also have some added excitement with Croatian swimmers making their GSS debut!

Raslina Swimming Marathon

The Global Swim Series will be making it’s debut in Croatia this weekend and we’ll be kicking it offer with a truly amazing race!  The Raslina Swimming Marathon is a picturesque race that highlights the scenery of the Croatian coast.  Taking place in the brackish Lake Prokljan in Sibenik, Croatia the event offers a 1.5km and 5km distance and is part of the Croatian Cup.  The race has grown to be one of the biggest races in Croatia.

Moville Lighthouse Swim

This 1.2km swim is billed as “The Greatest Little Lighthouse Swim In The World.”  It is a very cool swim from the shore, out to the lighthouse, and back.  Swimmers cover a distance of 1.2 km.  The event takes place right on the border of Northern Ireland and Ireland.  There’s a wetsuit and “skins” division, so if 14C/57F seems a bit chilly, then you might want to don your wetsuit, although with this crowd there’s always a significant portion that go without!  Just to add to the “cool” factor of the swim in past years some swimmers have been able to swim part of the course alongside dolphins.

Hodson Mile

One of the original Irish GSS races is back this weekend and it’s shaping up to be a classic.  The swimmers the attend the Hosdon Mile are frequently near the top of the global rankings by the end of the season.  It’s likely defending GSS champion and current leader Ciara Doran will be in attendance.  Expect some of the other top Irish GSS swimmers to come out too.

The event as the same suggests is a mile long swim.  It takes place right in the exact geographic centre of the country.  Swimmers swim out and around the Hodson pillar, which marks the exact centre of the country.  The race should draw out a good crowd and as always be a fun, well-organized event.

Caledon Quarry Swim II

Coming up next Wednesday is the 2nd installment of the Caledon Quarry Event.  Just like the previous race in June, this event will also be taking place on a Wednesday night.  The race will happen just North of Toronto at a retired quarry perfect for ideal open water swimming.  The race will be looking to build off it’s success from the previous race which saw record attendance for it’s weeknight debut.  Still plenty of time to register for this one!


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