July 20th
Bosnia & Herzegovina
9km & 2km
River Swim

Aboutthe swim

The International Swimming Marathon ’’BRCKO DISTRIKT’’ is organized by swimming extreme sports club “ATOS SAVA” Brcko located in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This makes Bosnia and Herzegovina the 38th country, and the 143rd race in the Global Swim Series!

International Swimming Marathon ’’BRCKO DISTRIKT’’ is an annual swimming competition held on the Sava River in Brcko.

This swim is unique because there are 2 distances, with one going upstream and the other downstream on the Sava River. There's the 10 km long downstream distance and then the 2 km long upstream swim.  Now that's a challenge!

Both races are open to men and women, professionals and recreational swimmers. All swimmers get refreshments before the race and food and drinks after the race. Medals are for first 3 places in every category, and all those who complete the race get a certificate of completion. 

Winners of the swim in both categories get prize money as well:

10 km (downstream)  500 Euros - first place 300 Euros - second place 200 Euros- third place.

2 km (upstream) 200 Euros – first place 150 Euros - second place 100 Euros - third place. 

Also did we mention participation in this event is totally free! Hard to beat a free race with prize money!

For the longer 10 km race there will be an organizer provided kayaer with the necessary hydration and fuel for swimmers. Swimmers will also be secured patrol boats with certified members of diving and rescue club and a patrol boat from Red Cross. 2 km race - Swimmers will be secured by kayak club members, patrol boat with members of diving and rescue club and patrol boat from Red Cross.

These swimming races are part of SRB Open Water Cup. 

All swimmers get official t-shirt. Afterwards there is an organized party complete with local fish dishes and a great time for all to relax. Spectators are welcome to join the fun, there are fun activities organized all day long, like beach volleyball and a kayak race.

2017 marked the first open water swim in Brcko Distrikt and also the first event of this kind in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Organizers hope and believe that this event will evolve and develop swimming sports in the country.

So don't miss out on a great event to grow the sport in Bosnia & Herzegovina!