El Cruce

GSS Global Championships

May 25-26
1.5k, 3.8k, 10k
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

Unless you are John Collins or one of the other 14 original Ironmen, you probably missed the first Ironman triathlon in Hawaii in 1978. And I’m quite sure you weren’t at the first Olympics in 1896, or the first Boston Marathon in 1897, or even the first Tour de France in 1903. But you do have a chance to be a part of modern sports history and participate in a new and truly global sporting event… the GSS – Global Championships!

The “GSS – Global Championships” will be held in Cancun, Mexico! And it may just be the most amazing swim you’ve ever done!

This Championship Race is open to swimmers from around the world, including the tens of thousands that have swum in any of the 100+ races, in the dozens of countries in the Global Swim Series!

El Cruce will again be the season finale for the “Global Swim Series – Championship Races”. There group of GSS Championship races have grown around the world and have been hosted by some of the biggest and best open water races in the world… and this race is the “big one”! As cool as it will be to swim in the GSS Global Championships, the other thing is that this could be the most amazing swim you ever do! This swim is also the world famous “El Cruce” or “The Crossing” which swims over an underwater museum in Cancun.

To start the 10k race you wade into the warm, crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean on the shore of Cancun and swim towards Isla Mujeres (Isle of Women). And just when you are finishing the race and are thoroughly exhausted, you will get a great pick-me-up! You will swim right over the unbelievable underwater museum! The museum was commissioned as an exceptionally creative and artistic way to build an artificial reef. You will swim right over 500+ stunning and detailed statues that were carefully placed at the bottom of the ocean for you to see and for coral to grow on, creating a whole new ecosystem. Given the clarity of the water and the shallow depth these works of art can actually be seen as you are swimming in the race.

If the that distance is still a bit much for you, there is the challenging 3.8k “Cancun Iron Swim” and “The Cancun Mile”, both of which take place on the Saturday before the 10k… so you can do 2 races, one each day!

The Cancun Mile and Cancun Iron Swim are each capped at 450 swimmers and the 10k, El Cruce is capped at 1,000 swimmers! Which makes it the largest 10k in the world! And take note: they all sell out!

All the distances have numerous fast, world class swimmers, but the majority are swimmers that are there just to experience this amazing swim and the whole event in one of the vacation capitals of the world. For this first year at least, you don’t have to qualify, everyone is welcome!

El Cruce is truly one of the most unique and spectacular races in the world… and as the “GSS – Global Championship” it is even more spectacular and exciting… and a race you won’t want to miss!