After a week off the Global Swim Series returns to action this week for the Great Fjord Swim in Ireland. This comes at an exciting time as we have also announced the upcoming GSS European Championships which will take place October 15th in Carlingford, Ireland. Europe and Ireland in particular has seen a huge boom in participation and competition this year and the Great Fjord Swim will offer a last chance for swimmers to rack up some late season points before the European Championships.

The Great Fjord Swim takes place in the Killary Fjord and is a breathtaking adventure of a swim. Swimmers get an amazing chance to swim between the soaring mountains of the Killary Fjord in the deep green and pristine waters. As swimmers make their way along the route they will constantly be getting glimpses of the majestic views on both sides of them.

The swim features 3.9km, 2km and 750m races. The 750m and 2km start are both off of the back of a ferry, offering an exciting way to kick off the race. There are plenty of great prizes to be won in all categories this year and given the enthusiasm for GSS races in Ireland this year, this race should be quite competitive and fun for all.

Don’t miss out on this great adventure in some of the best scenery Ireland has to offer!

The Great Fjord Swim 2



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