GSS European Championships

The big event this weekend is the 2nd Annual European Championships.  After a successful event last fall in Carlingford, Ireland the location has moved over to Morbisch Am See, Austria.  The Austrian open water scene has grown a ton in the past few years and this race will be run in conjuction with the Swim Festival Neusiedler See, the biggest race in Austria.

The whole event starts with a charity race and evening with music acts of the Seefestspiele Mörbisch. As for the races, there are a wide number of distances appropriate for a variety of skill levels ranging from: the big “around the island” 5km, “the 3.5 km Crossing”, 1.9 km half iron-triathlon distance, as well as the 1.0 km and .5 km for everybody and beginners. There will even be a kids competition too.

Some of the competitors compete all 3 days and enjoy the evening charity program or mid-summer festival around the big fire.

One unique addition that makes it a bit more fun for spectators is the boat trip you can take to accompany the 5km top competitors.  We know that there will be swimmers coming to attend from all over Europe (including some familiar names from Ireland as well) so this should be a very exciting weekend in Austria.

24th Annual Buzzard’s Bay Swim

This should be a great one.  If you’re in the Boston area this weekend the 24th Annual Buzzard’s Bay Swim takes place about an hour South of Boston.  This is a one-of-a-kind scenic point-to-point course across outer New Bedford Harbor.  Assisted by the U.S. Coast Guard and a local safety patrol, swimmers navigate 1.2 miles through the harbor and channel, passing by the iconic Butler Flats Lighthouse and the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier, one of the largest stone structures on the East Coast.  At the thrilling finish, swimmers are welcomed with a beach party featuring a live steel drum band, pancakes cooked to order, gourmet coffee, free massages, and local beer!  The swim raises money and awareness for the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition, a non-profit group that works to protect clean water in the area.  

Swim Around Key West

The GSS returns once again to Key West this weekend.  In case you missed out on the FKCC Swim Around Key West a few weeks ago, the Swim Around Key West is your chance to get in on the fun and complete a circumnavigation of the island.  The route is also 20km and the weather and water will be warm and tropical.  This has been a fun swim for a number of years and attracts swimmers from all over the world.

Rock Around Warrenpoint

We also head back to Northern Ireland, where the competition this season has already been hot.  Plenty of familiar names have already made their way to the top of the Global Rankings early this season and look for some of the swimmers at this race to add to their totals.

The swim is a 1.6km swim in Carlingford Lough, which plays host to a few GSS races.  With the backdrop of the Mourne and Cooley Mountains in the background the setting will make for a beautiful swim. The swim starts at the iconic Outdoor Swimming Baths in Warrenpoint.

Caledon Quarry Swim I

Ok, so not technically this weekend but this year the Caledon Quarry Swims (both I & II) will take place on Wednesday nights.  This decision was made by race directors to give swimmers a fun event to do mid-week during a time when a lot of people already have busy weekends.  The swim is in a freshwater quarry and features multiple distances of a long rectangular loop.  The swim does offer some challenges, often with winds picking up at the far end of the loop.  With the swim now in the evening there’s even a chance to witness a picturesque sunset just North of Toronto on a beautiful Wednesday night.

GSS Philippines

The first ever GSS race in Asia, the GSS Philippines was also set to take place this weekend.  The event is the inaugural GSS South-East Asia (GSS SEA) race in what will hopefully in the coming months have more events available in different countries in the region.

Unfortunately after testing the water quality in Subic bay there were concerns about the quality after heavier than usual rains in the area flowing into the bay.  Local organizers have made the decision to move the race to July 30 and are working closely with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to ensure that safety and health of the athletes remains the top priority.  We will have plenty more info leading up to the race and are excited for the new date!

Lough Key Castle Island Loop

In case you missed it, results and rankings are now up for the Lough Key Castle Island Loop which took place last weekend.  There were some great swims and some fantastic weather for what has been a cloudy event the past couple years.




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