Exotic Morocco adds a 2nd GSS race

So you want an exotic travel race?

Well, this is it… “Swim in Morocco”!

Morocco has more than one trick up its sleeve when it comes to the beauty of it’s landscape.  The “Swim in Morocco” takes place on the north-east part of the country, on the Mediterranean Sea.  The swim itself takes place in the Marchica Lagoon, which is on the shore of the city of Nador and is a natural wonder.

A rich marine fauna and flora makes this event different from the other races offered in the north of Africa and just about anywhere in the world.

It really isn’t very often that you get to swim next to pink flamingos that will be witnessing the flurry of arms in the water.  We expect to have swimmers from Europe and around world come to swim in the inaugural event in the fall of 2017.

The “Swim in Morocco” race will offer two distances of 3km and 10km of open water swimming, making it distances well worth travelling for.

This incredible and unique race is organized by HB Sport Consulting, which organizes all kinds of sporting events in the country

The founder of HB Sport is Hassan Baraka himself a swimmer of note.  He has seen and done a lot of amazing races around the world, so he and his team know what makes a iconic event.  Hassan was the youngest swimmer in the world to have swum the 5 inter-continental channels in 2014.  He swam from Europe-Africa, Asia-Europe, Turkey-Asia-Europe, Russia-United States / Oceania- Papua New Guinea-Indonesia / Africa-Asia to unite Egypt with Saudi Arabia.

Having endured some amazing adventures and swims that included encounters with Irukandji jellyfish bites, killers whales in Alaska, sharks in the Red Sea, he was even awarded the “Order of the Ouissam Alaouite” by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI.

So you can expect this event to be worthy of all the experience he’s gathered on these swims to create an incredible adventure for you too!  For the adventurous, travelling swimmers out there, this is definitely a race to put at the top of your list!


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