July 14th
Seattle, WA
3.2 Mile
Lake Swim

Aboutthe swim

A beautiful city, a scenic swim and a great name for a raceā€¦ what more could you ask for? The Fat Salmon Swim has been around since 1999 and takes place in Lake Washington, in beautiful Seattle.

The course is a 3.2 Mile point-to-point route that starts at the Day Street Boat Ramp under the bridge to Mercer Island. From there swimmers travel along the coast eventually finishing up in the beautiful Madison Park. The awards ceremony is a ton of fun with the winners receiving, you guessed it, a big fat salmon! How's that for a unique prize?

The water temperature can vary at this time of year from a chilly 58F to a very comfortable 72F. Wetsuits are allowed. The swim is registered with US Masters Swimming and is also open to non-masters swimmers by registering for a "one-event registration."

The city of Seattle makes a great location for a swim-trip for the weekend. With plenty of sights to see and nature to enjoy come out and take part in true Pacific North-West experience at the Fat Salmon Swim!