The French Swimming Federation (FFN), the governing body for swimming in France, has added all 10 open water races in the EDF Aqua Challenge to the Global Swim Series.

Pick a date, a spectacular place you’ve always wanted to visit in France, and start packing!  Or better yet… hit them all!

By adding these 10 races to the 2 other French GSS races (Open Swim Stars – Paris and La Posidonienne), there are now 12.  It also brings the total number of races in the Global Swim Series to an incredible 175 races… and still growing!  The GSS really is the hub for open water swimming the world.

What that means for French swimmers, is that they can suddenly challenge swimmers in almost any other region or country in the world for leadership in the GSS Global Rankings!  So the Canadians, Americans, Irish, Aussies and Kiwi’s had better watch out for the French swimmers to rise in the Global Rankings next season!

However, given the close proximity of other European races in the GSS, this really changes the game for all European swimmers wanting to move up in the Global Rankings!

And for those swimmers who aren’t too concerned about their Global Ranking… well, it offers you some incredible races in spectacular vacation locations!  Swimming for everyone!

Check out these amazing races in the EDF Aqua Challenge… and start planning now!


1. Le Drakkar – Rouen – June 8-9, 2019 – held during the Armada of Freedom festival, with some of the world’s biggest tallships, in this historic city of northern France.  1.5k, 3k & 10k river race… with an incredible view!  Fun for the whole family!


2. Bocca Cabana Cup – Cannes June 16, 2019 – come and swim like a movie star, or maybe meet one in the heart of the French Riviera!  Spectacular city and swim course.


3. Le difi de Monte Cristo – Marseille– June 21-23 – swim the route that Edmond Dantes swam to escape prison 175 years ago… except your swim won’t be a work of fiction!  Sign up now, it sells out quickly!


4. La Traversee de Bordeaux – Bordeaux – June 23, 2019 – this incredible and historic race was first run in 1927!  Not a bad place to enjoy a celebratory glass of wine after the race too!


5. EDF Aqua Challenge – Toulouse June 30, 2019 – Garonne river swim of 1.5k, 3k & 5k through this historic city in southern France.  Visit the 2 world heritage sites too!


6. Le Defis Quiberronais – Quiberronais July 17, 2019 – over 800 swimmers swim around the Quiberronais penninsula on the west coast of France!  A really popular race for a reason!


7. Traversee du lac d’Annecy – AnnecyAug 15, 2019 – amazing lake race in the French Alps, just a stones throw from Geneva!  Spectacular!


8. Trophée étang de Berre – Martigues– Sept 1, 2019 – beautiful, seaside town on the French Riviera, near Marseilles.


9. EDF Aqua Challenge – Paris Sept 14-15, 2019 – the crown jewel of the EDF Aqua Challenge.  It’s Paris.  Who wouldn’t want to visit and swim here!  Need we say more?


10. Prom Swim – Traversee de Nice – NiceSept 21-23 – swim in the heart of it: The French Riviera, in Nice, along the famous “The Promenade des Anglais”.  It doesn’t get much better!

We apologize if we have just made the decision of where to go for your summer swim trip a difficult one.  I guess you might as well hit them all!  Enjoy.


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