It’s officially a new year, but there’s still plenty of open water swimming action left to go in this season of the Global Swim Series.  Our series began back in May 1st, 2017 and will conclude April 30 of 2018.  While much of the action has wrapped up in the Northern Hemisphere, with summer well underway down South of the Equator there’s still plenty more exciting races to be had and GSS points to be earned.  Looking ahead to the New Year we at the Global Swim Series thought we’d give a rundown of how the top of the Global Rankings currently look as we start off 2018.  As always, the full rankings can be found here.

GSS Leaderboard as of Jan 1st, 2018

In addition to the leaderboard I’ve also gone through and selected a swimmer to look out for.  Here is our “dark horse” pick in each division as well:

Female Non-Wetsuit

For the second year in a row it’s looking like this division is all but decided with Ciara Doran of Ireland once again having a dominant season. Doran racked up an all-time point record (eclipsing her old record from last year) with 1481.22 points.  She won a number of races outright and finished no lower than 6th overall in all 14 races she swam.

Eadaoin O’Raw has also had a very successful season racing against Doran at most races and as a result she’s sitting pretty comfortably in 2nd.  Susan Bryden Cromwell sits in 3rd with a number of swimmers from the Southern Hemisphere looking to nab that spot.

Male Non-Wetsuit

On the men’s side of things it’s still a tossup here.  Colin Lindsay of Ireland came off a pretty epic season of swimming to notch his spot at the top and be the first swimmer in the division to crack 1000 points at 1079.05 points.  In truth, his busy season of races was also partially training for another big accomplishment Lindsay made outside of GSS this year. Lindsay and 2 others completed a relay crossing of the English Channel, which is no small feat while also completing 13 GSS races.  Lindsay and several others made a late season, under the radar trip to Greece for the Xterra Vouliagmeni Swim Challenge, a move that helped him regain the lead from the previous winner of this division, Canadian, Michael Kenny.  A trip that may have won him the title for the season.  Things aren’t done yet though and with an increasing group of travelling die-hards, it’ll be interesting to see what happens here.  There’s also a contingent of New Zealanders with a number of races left who could still vie for a top spot.  Watch out for Diego Lopez in 4th place, who is a dark horse contender, and still moving up with 4 months to go.

Female Wetsuit

This is a tight one and it’s seemingly come down to a two-woman race. Sure there’s a handful of New Zealanders quickly climbing the ranks, but at this point it seems like a long-shot that they’ll unseat 1st or 2nd in this division. Lauren Archer of Ireland and Megan Dodge of Canada have traded the lead back and forth all season and as of today it’s the teenage Archer sitting on top by just 13 points. With the season in both Canada and Ireland over it’ll be interesting to see if either can sneak in an extra race before April 30th. The caliber of competition between the two has been quite high, Archer and Dodge have averaged 92 and 91 points respectively over the course of their 13 races apiece, without the aid of any distance points.  2015/16 Global Champion in the non-wetsuit division, Mairi MacGregor sits in 3rd place.

Male Wetsuit

The competition in the Male Wetsuit field has been a brawl all year with a number of men in the mix. After the conclusion of 2017 it seems the race has likely come down to the top 3 men. There’s still some threat from both the Australians and New Zealanders who both have a large amount of races left on the calendar, but the top 3 men in this division have certainly set a high bar having all cracked 1100 points.  Francie McAlinden, who along with Lauren Archer and Colin Lindsay all competed in the Xterra Swim in Greece, holds the top spot currently. Peter Wilson is just behind in 2nd and Stephen Archer has nabbed 3rd, having also made the trip to Greece for those extra points.

There’s still a number of races to go before the the season wraps up on April 30th with a number of races yet to take place in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand so still plenty of time to earn some GSS points!  We’ll be providing more coverage on the leader board as we move closer to the end of the season, stay tuned.  The Global Swim Series actions returns this weekend as we’re headed to the Newport Pool to Pool to Peak Ocean Swim in Sydney, Australia!

Our goal at the GSS is to promote the sport of open water swimming and increase participation in this truly Global sport.  So whether you are out to win your division or just for the fun, adventure and travel… we are behind you all the way!  Have fun!

Also, registration is now open for the 2nd annual GSS Global Championships in Cancun, Mexico!  The race will once again be held in partnership with El Cruce and is truly an iconic race in some of the most beautiful tropical waters on the globe!  So register now for the “Cancun Mile”, “The Cancun Iron Swim” (3.8k) and/or “El Cruce”, the largest 10k race in the world!  There are 450, 450 and 1,000 spots… but don’t wait too long, it does sell out!

*If you see any corrections that need to be made in the Global Rankings, please drop us an email [email protected]!


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