Green Island Open Water Swim

June 16th
Guanaja, Bay Islands
0.8k, 2.5k, 5k
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

So you want something a little different... and really spectacular?

This is it!

How about a truly exotic location for a swim in the Bay Islands of Honduras! Guanaja has some of the most beautiful beaches and turquoise water in the Caribbean.

The 3 main Bay Islands of Honduras are: Roatan (famous for spectacular diving), Utila (great for whale shark spotting) and the island where this special race takes place, Guanaja!

Guanaja is famous for it's fishing, coral reef, kite-surfing and snorkelling. The Green Island Open Water Swim is also putting Guanaja on the map as an incredible open water race too!

The actual swim route is a swimmers dream course! Swimmers pass over sandy bottoms and vibrant coral beds, which are home to beautiful and colorful marine life!

The event has a distance for everyone, participants can chose from three distances: 800m / 2.5k / 5k.

Swimmers enjoy a festive race-day atmosphere with post-race awards ceremony on a beautiful beach shoreline. The entry fee is only $25 pp and includes: pre-race welcome reception and clinic, dinner entrée at reception, Open Water T-shirt & swim cap, and transportation to/from race.

You can look forward to swimming in the warm, crystal clear water and relaxing on the pristine beaches. You will enjoy this unique and spectacular Caribbean location!