We’re kicking off August with another 4 great GSS races.  This weekend has a bit of everything, one of the oldest swims in the world, a new up and coming swim, a long marathon swim and a quick scenic splash and dash.

The Dee Mile

This will be GSS’s first ever race in England and it’s historic classic. The Dee Mile turns 95 this year making it one of the oldest open water swims in the world. The Dee Mile is a truly “bucket-list” worthy swim with so a beautiful route and some amazing swimming history.

Like any great historical race, this race has several peculiar idiosyncrasies. It starts at the Red House pub (which is actually white) and the distance is actually a mile and a quarter. You swim downstream around the Crook of the Dee to finish at the suspension bridge. Being all downstream with the current, the course times vary considerably depending on the seasonal flow with the winning men’s time varying from around 19 minutes to over 30.

The race is held in the historic, walled City of Chester in the North West of England. With other interesting places to visit close by, such as Liverpool and North Wales. Another interesting historic and geographic idiosyncrasy is that the date of the race changes from year to year because the river is a tidal river.

The race retains its ancient “Dee Mile Champion” title for the fastest swimmer, who must also live within five miles of “the Cross” in the centre of Chester and swim without a wetsuit. Recognition is also made for:

-The fastest all-comer (i.e. the rest, regardless of location who don’t wear a wetsuit).
-The fastest wetsuit wearer.

So whether you’re in that 5 mile range of “the Cross” or from anywhere else around the world, come out and be a part of history at the Dee Mile!

Sea Dogs Open Water Swim Race

There’s been a lot of GSS action so far this season in Canada but a lot of it has been focused on Ontario and the West Coast. This weekend it’s the East Coast of Canada that gets to host a great GSS race, the Sea Dogs Open Water Swim Race. Taking place in St. John, New Brunswick this race has been growing a lot as it enters it’s 3rd year as part of the Global Swim Series. This year there’s been an exciting change of venues as the race will be held in “the Rez”, or Lakewood Reservoir (aka the Little River Reservoir), a calm and beautiful lake right in the City.

Importantly, the race raises funds for the Brighten Group, an auxiliary of the St John Regional Hospital. The event is a great event for a great cause bringing out swimmers from all over the area and makes a for great weekend event in Saint John.

Eddie Skelly Memorial Swim

This 1.5km Ocean Swim is a local favorite. The race is held at the Ballyholme Yacht Club in Bangor, Northern Ireland, only a short drive from Belfast. Given the competition in Northern Ireland and Ireland this season this should be an exciting one, so keep an eye out for the results.  We expect to see some of our Global Ranking leaders in attendance battling it out in the waves.

The town of Bangor is a beautiful quaint town on the water and has a lot to offer swimmers looking for a fun ocean-side town to explore after the race.

Swim Across the Sound

One of the toughest races in the entire Global Swim Series, the Swim Across the Sound is also one of the most prestigious.  The event is a grueling 25km from Long Island to Connecticut.  This marathon swim is a huge accomplishment for any marathon swimmer.  There’s also a ton of relays making the distance fun and more doable for other swimmers.

The swim has world class organization with literally hundreds of support boats throughout the course and a full police escort intercepting any other boat traffic in the busy Long Island Sound.  The Global Swim Series went down to attend (and compete in) this race last year and we can definitely attest to the world class organization and ton of fun that was had at this event.

The cause behind this race is very special too. Since 1987 the swim has been a major fundraiser for the St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation, raising over $2,000,000. Each year over 300 swimmers, boat captains, and volunteers, families and friends join the SWIM to support its mission to help patients and their families impacted financially by cancer and provide screening and support services to our communities.


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