GSS Global Championships

Held in the tropical paradise of Cancun, Mexico. Features the world's largest 10km swim race "El Cruce" as well as shorter options.

GSS African Championships

The biggest open water swim race in the world. The Midmar Mile. This is one to check off your bucket list!

GSS Pacific Championships

Be a part of the action Down Under! Australia & New Zealand love their open water swimming and this event delivers the excitement!

GSS Southeast Asian Championships

Subic Bay, Philippines are the perfect exotic backdrop for race in a tropical paradise!

GSS European Championships

Held at the world famous Vansbrosimningen in Vansbro, Sweden. 15,000+ swimmers take part each year!

GSS North American Championships

Islamorada, Florida, USA. Home to crystal clear, warm & calm waters. The Swim For Alligator Lighthouse provides one of the most fun out & back swims in world!

GSS Canadian Championships

Your chance to race in downtown Toronto, Canada at a beautiful venue in the heart of Canada's largest city!

GSS American Championships

An epic challenge, swim solo or as a relay around Charleston, SC, USA in this 12 Mile (19km) adventure!