Friday, December 15, 2017

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The GSS Championship Series is a chance for open water swimmers to experience world-class swimming events in some of the most spectacular swimming locations in the world.  These premium events are designed to promote the sport of open water swimming and to increase participation in this healthy, active and adventurous sport.




1) How GSS Points are calculated for Regular Season Races.

– For all Regular Season Races a swimmer can earn up to 100 points per race.  50 points are given for participation and up to 50 points for speed.  The swimmer must complete the race to earn the 50 participation points.  The speed points are based on the percentile ranking according to speed.

– This is how all races are calculated, regardless of distance, water conditions, number of swimmers, etc.

example: A swimmer swims a 1.5 km race and places 53rd out of 220 swimmers.  The swimmer gets 50 participation points for completing the race, plus the speed points which are based on the “percentile placing” ÷ 2.  In this case: 75.91 ÷ 2 =37.96 speed points.  A total of: 50+37.96 = 87.96 GSS Points are awarded to the swimmer for that race.

2) Do I Need to Qualify for a GSS Championships Race?

– The goal of the GSS Championship Races are to provide all swimmers with a chance to experience the fun and excitement of a premier open water swimming event and therefore all GSS Championship Events currently require no qualifications!  


3) GSS Championship Events are based on time.  The fastest swimmer wins that particular championship!  (We’ll also acknowledge the different category and age group winners as well!)

27mayalldayGSS Global Championships 2016/17Cancun, Mexico


23sepalldayGSS North American Championships 2017/18Islamorada, FL, USA


04sepalldayGSS North American Championships 2016/17Toronto, ON, Canada

19nov8:00 amGSS Southeast Asian ChampionshipsSubic Bay, Philippines

23junallday25alldayGSS European Championships 2017/18Morbisch, Austria

15octalldayGSS European Championships 2016/17Carlingford, Ireland

22apralldayGSS Pacific Championships 2016/17North Curl Curl Beach, Australia