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Join the world's largest open water swim series and become part the global swimming community!
Becoming a GSS Member Race is simple & great value!

Global Rankings

Every swimmer, in every GSS race earns a Global Ranking, based 50% on participation and 50% on speed. Swimmers love the ability to compete with other swimmers all over the world! You'll love it because more swimmers, both local and international, will do your race to collect more points!

Global Marketing

Our marketing reach is truly global. Nobody reaches a broader group of swimmers than we do. Reach tens of thousands of swimmers through our email database, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well our our website - the hub for open water swimmers around the world.

Brand Assocation

We are the global leaders of open water swimming! The most participants, the most races, in the most countries. We have the credibility and brand recognition that swimmers associate with open water swimming. You want to be a part of this!

Run Your Race, Your Way

The Global Swim Series is designed to highlight & enhance what makes your race unique. We aren't here to impose rules and regulations on your race. We leave the running of the race to you. We aren't a governing body, we're here to help you grow your race & grow the sport!

GSS Race Membership

$ 99 /year
What does my membership include?
  • A professional quality race info page on the Global Swim Series website linking to your registration
  • Inclusion on the GSS race calendar & location search that thousands of swimmers use to find their next race
  • All your swimmers will automatically be awarded GSS points for completing your race and be given a Global Ranking! This has been proven to increase swimmer engagement and participation
  • Official announcement upon joining GSS being promoted through our social media channels and email list
  • Leading up to race day, we will feature your race on our "Upcoming Races" section of our mass emails
  • You can purchase additional advertising to gain extra race coverage on our website, social media and newsletter
  • Access to GSS logos and branding to increase your visibility and international recognition
  • Be part of a global community and help grow the sport!

Membership Add-Ons

Looking for a little more out of your GSS membership?
We've got a whole assortment of options to help your race get more attention... and more swimmers!
Drop us an email at [email protected] for pricing and more info!

Promotional Article

A full promotional article of your race, customized to show off your race. Included in email & social media.

Featured Race

Have your race added to our "Featured Races" bar. Prime real estate on our homepage.

Email Newsletter Ads

An ad published on our "Open Water Update" email newsletter, sent to thousands!

Content Ads

Feature an ad for your race embedded in our other articles & content on the site.

Sidebar & Banner Ads

Purchase ads in a variety of locations around the site including: sidebar ads, global ranking banner ads, calendar banner ads.

Social Media Campaigns

We can custom target an audience ideally suited for your race and then market it through all social media platforms.

GSS Championship Event Licensing

Take your event to the next level and host one of our Global Swim Series Championship Events. Exclusive and reasonably priced!

Custom Ad Package

Want to bundle a few Add-Ons and come up with a full marketing strategy? We can help make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget.

You're In Good Company!

175+ races... and still growing!

Being a part of the Global Swim Series is simply the best way to promote your race and get more swimmers!

For only $99/yr there is no better, or cost efficient, way to reach thousands of swimmers!