Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Attention Race Directors!

This is why it is a great idea to have your race in the Global Swim Series:

  1. Become part of something bigger!  We are dedicated to growing the global open
    water swimming community by bringing races together on a regional and global scale… pass it on!
  2. We’ll help you bring in more swimmers to your race, with both local and international swimmers.
  3. Publicity and promotion that reaches your local audience, as well as regional and a global audience.  We will share the story of your race on a variety of email and social media platforms with the Global swimming community.
  4. Global recognition in the world swimming community and instant credibility by being a member of a truly global body.  You can use our logos and association to help promote your race too!
  5. By simply sending us the results of your race(s), we’ll calculate GSS points for each swimmer in your race and enter them in our Global Ranking system.
  6. A weighting system that gives 50% of the points for participation and 50% for placing, encouraging swimmers of all levels to participate in more races and improve their Global Ranking.
  7. Help to grow the sport of open water swimming by encouraging your swimmers to enter more races, through healthy competition and a sense of community.
  8. You still get to run your race, your way.  We aren’t looking to standardize races, the only thing you need to provide us with is the results in the format below, so we can calculate the points.
  9. Individual races or series are welcome to become part of a Global Series.
  10. Separate divisions: Male/Female, Wetsuit/Non-wetsuit, 10 year age groups
  11. We will order Promotional Items and race equipment in bulk and be able to provide great deals to Race Directors!
  12. Prizes, trophy for the Regional and Global Champions and a “Certified Member Race” certificate for your Race.  Global and Regional recognition for the top swimmers in each division.
  13. And equally important, you won’t find a better value anywhere to promote your race, locally and around the world… only $99!  We want everyone to be a part of the Global Swim Series!


Become a “GSS Member Race” today and become a part of a truly global community and competition!


 The 2 simple steps to becoming a GSS Member Race (or renewal):

1)  Complete the GSS Race Membership Form and Waiver OR Renewal Form for each race you are entering. Save it and return to us as an attachment by email to: [email protected] .  Don’t forget to email us 4-6 of your favorite pictures that we can use to promote your race!

2)  Proceed to the GSS Store tab and pay the annual Race Membership Fee (or Renewal Fee) of $99 Cdn.

We will review your application and contact you if there are any issues, otherwise… your race is now an official member of the Global Swim Series!

After the Race:

A) Send us a short write up about the race.  Whatever you want the world to read about what happened at your race (we might edit it a bit if necessary). 

B) Send us at least 3 pictures from the race.  A variety is always better and we’ll take more than 3.  (we might not use them all, and we reserve the right to publish all pictures and use any from your site as well).

C) Send us the results for each race/distance ([email protected]) in excel or google sheets format (NOT pdf).

GSS results format