We are honoured to be nominated by the World Open Water Swimming Associate (WOWSA) for this annual award: “WOWSA – Open Water Swimming – Offering of the Year”.

Our goal at the Global Swim Series is simple: we want to promote the sport of open water swimming and increase participation in the sport around the world.  And although we have been lucky enough to see the Global Swim Series grow to 100+ races in only our 3rd year, we are still a small and motivated team that is quite humbled and happy to be recognised by our peers.

Rob & Dylan… swimmer and crew… after the 25k Swim Across The Sound, 2016


If you are not familiar with the WOWSA Awards, I encourage you to take a look.  They set out to recognise and honour open water swimmers, related events and organisations in 4 categories and you can vote on all 4:

Man of the Year

  1. Evgenij Pop Acev (Macedonia)
  2. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico)
  3. John Batchelder (USA)
  4. Guillermo Bertola (Argentina)
  5. Avram Iancu (Romania)
  6. Stéphane Lecat (France)
  7. Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer (USA)
  8. Lynton Mortensen (Australia)
  9. Simone Ruffini (Italy)
  10. Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria)
  11. Sayed Ihsan Taheri (Afghanistan)
  12. Ferry Weertman (Netherlands)
  13. Philip Yorke (Great Britain)

Woman of the Year

  1. Katherine Batts (Great Britain)
  2. Dr. Caroline Block (USA)
  3. Arianna Bridi (Italy)
  4. Chloë McCardel (Australia)
  5. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
  6. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA)
  7.  Ludmila Maller (Russia)
  8. Jaimie Monahan (USA)
  9. Aurélie Muller (France)
  10. Barbara Pozzobón (Italy)
  11. Sarah Thomas (USA)
  12.  Julia Wittig (Germany)

Performance of the Year

  1. Barbados Open Water Swimming Festival with Kristina Evelyn & Zary Evelyn (Barbados)
  2. Khitindra Chandra Baishya (Bangladesh)
  3. Sven Eckardt (Germany)
  4. India National Open Long Distance Swimming ChampionshipEscort Rowers (India)
  5. Margarita Llorens Bagur (Spain)
  6. Igor Lukin (Russia)
  7. Madswimmer by Jean Craven (South Africa)
  8. Marc-Antoine Olivier (France)
  9. Stephen Rouch (USA)
  10. Jason Snell (UK)
  11. Christof Wandratsch (Germany)
  12. Wild Swimming Brothers (Great Britain)

Offering of the Year (this is the category we are in!)

  1. 48 Braçades by Miquel Suñer (Spain)
  2. Blue Journey Dangerous Waves Project with Bruckner Chase (USA)
  3. Global Swim Series by Rob Kent & Dylan Kent (Canada)
  4. LongSwimsDB by Evan Morrison (USA)
  5. New York Open Water by David Barra, Rondi Davies & Alex Arévalo (USA)
  6. Open Water Swim Academy by Dan Simonelli (USA)
  7. Outdoor Swimmer by Simon Griffiths (Great Britain)
  8. Sea Donkey with Adrian Sarchet (Guernsey)
  9. Shark Bait by Dr. Seán O’Connell (Bermuda)
  10. Swim Argentina by Matías Ola (Argentina)
  11. The Channel of Bones with Toni Enderli (South Africa)
  12. Travessia do Leme ao Pontal by Adherbal de Oliveira & Renato Ribeiro Barbosa (Brazil)

Just reading all the descriptions is pretty amazing and tells you that our sport of open water swimming has some incredibly motivated and accomplished swimmers and organisers that make us proud to be a part of it all.

Please take a couple minutes and vote for the candidate in each of the 4 categories that you feel are most worthy.  And a big congrats to all of our fellow nominees… you are all amazing people and swimmers!

…and we wouldn’t mind if you voted for us!  


From the whole Global Swim Series Team!


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