This Global Swim Series 2017/18 season has been chugging along through May and June.  Highlighted so far by the 1000 swimmer race at the Global Championships in Cancun a couple weeks ago, there have also been a couple other great races that have taken place as well as some more coming up!
The past two weekends we’ve seen a couple races to start off our busy season of races in Ireland & Northern Ireland.  The brand new Battle for Carlingford Lough took place two weekends ago.  The swim is an exciting 7.5km swim that was won outright by defending GSS Champion Ciara Doran.  Watch out for Doran to pop up a bunch in the results this year as she aims to defend her very impressive title from last year.
 This past weekend featured another race in Northern Ireland, Giant of a Swim which returned to the GSS schedule (though much earlier in the year than last season).  Due to an issue with the timing system we’re still waiting for the finalized results to be out, but expect to see a lot of familiar names that finished high in the GSS rankings last year (defending champs Ciara Doran and Jack Boyle were both in attendance finishing 3rd and 19th respectively).
Looking ahead to the upcoming weekend the action shifts back across the Atlantic over to Florida for the FKCC Swim Around Key West.
The FKCC Swim Around Key West will actually be the first of 2 races around the island, the Swim Around Key West (yes, the names are a little confusing) takes place on June 24th.  Expect another announcement on that race to come in the next few days, with all the exciting new races in the series we’re a little behind on announcements but all the race info has been up and available on the calendar!
Both Key West swims feature a challenging 12.5 circumnavigation of the island in the crystal clear shallow waters of the Florida keys. Also coming up is the GSS European Championships in Austria.  We’re very excited for this event happening in conjunction with Schwimm Festival Neusiedler See and the Illmitz-Mörbisch Lake Crossing.  After the success of the European Championships in Ireland last year, there was a lot of interest in potential hosts for the 2017-18 event and in the end we chose to shift things over to Austria to showcase another amazing location and get some fun competition for swimmers in other areas of Europe.  This should be a fantastic event with hundreds of swimmers competing and we’ll have plenty more coverage coming up on that as well as the other races taking place over the next couple weeks.
There’s a number of other exciting GSS races in June taking place in Canada, USA, Ireland, Austria, Northern Ireland and the Philippines so make sure to check out a race near you or plan a trip to one of these great races!


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