There’s less than a month to go in the Global Swim Series 2016/17 season, but there’s still some exciting races yet to take place!  This weekend features a GSS swim with some amazing historical significance.  On Saturday the Global Swim Series returns to South Africa for a 3rd race at the famous Freedom Swim.

The Freedom Swim is a world famous cold water swim taking place in Cape Town, South Africa with. Swimmers head from Robben Island to the mainland, finishing in Cape Town.  Robben Island, as many know, has a very interesting history.  It initially was a leper colony, but more famously was used as a prison for political prisoners during the days of Apartheid.  The most famous inmate being Nelson Mandela, who after serving 18 years in prison on the island, became the first president of a free South Africa.  This amazing swim is dedicated to a free South Africa and the celebration of democracy.

The swim itself is a challenging one however.  The swim starts in Robben Island Harbour and the journey covers 7.5km to the mainland.  The route is cool, deep water ranging in temperature from between 13-15C around this time of year.  The area has a rich variety of wildlife including seals, dolphins and whales.  Though occasionally great white sharks can be seen in the area there has never even been a sighting during the race.

With rich history and incredible views of both the island and the approach to Cape Town, the Freedom Swim is an amazing competition for the adventurous open water swimmer.


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