August 11th
3km & 7.5km
River Swim

Aboutthe swim

The first running and swimming competition in Kanjiza was organised in 1882 with a 3 kilometer swim race and a 13.5 kilometre running race!

In 1982, the tradition was revived under a new name for the first time: The Kanjiza Running and Swimming Festival.

The festival got its new name due to the great number of sports, distances, age groups, and the whole day party.

On the main stage at the beach on the river Tisa, there is a whole-day programme, with DJ performances and live concerts to entertain the audience and the contestants. This event has become the largest open water swimming competition in Serbia!

The aim of the event is to provide opportunity to all participants with all levels of ability the chance to meet a fun challenge, spend the day in a homely atmosphere and have a lot of fun.

Competitors swim in the river Tisa, in the direction of flow. The 7.5 km race is equivalent to about a 5.5km swim in a non flowing water.

350m (0-9 years old)
570m (10-11 years)
3000m (17 male and 17 female age groups)
7500m (17 male and 17 female age groups)

Team Contest: The results of the team members (minimum 6 people) are added together and the most successful team wins a Kanjiza team building weekend for 12 people.

Competitors will get the event's T-shirt and a medal at the finish line.

There are unique, hand-made ceramic cups for first, second and third place in each category. The winners of the overall race receive special prizes.

Those who want a real challenge will be able to continue the morning swimming competition with an afternoon half-marathon or 10km run.

You can find more info on the website or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/maratonkanjiza

The entry fee is just 5EUR, which can be paid with PayPal or onsite. For accomodation reservations please contact [email protected] The contestants will be accommodated in rooms with 2 or 3 beds at 11 EUR / night / person.

There will be refreshments and fruit for the contestants during and after the race, and lunch during the announcement of results.