FKCC SAKW 2 Joe, Alex, Jimmy and RobThe Florida Keys Community College, or “FKCC Swim Around Key West” race has officially signed on with the Global Swim Series.  This brings the total number of races in the largest swim series in the world to 27, with more on the way.

Having personally swum the 20 km FKCC Swim Around Key West, I can tell you it is a great race.  First of all the location is unlike anywhere.  Key West is an almost mystical spot, with legends of Hemingway, Jimmy Buffet, Duval Street and Cuba all combining to make this destination race about as much fun as you can handle.

Then there is the swim itself.  Point to point races are always fun, but to swim around an island in a race format is quite unique too.  This is a great destination race to take everyone to.  For those that say they hate the cold water swims, well this is definitely a warm swim, with both the air and water reminding you that you are in a beautiful tropical location.  For those that think a 20 km/12 mile swim is too much, there are various relays.  And for those who don’t want to swim but still want to be part of the action, you even have a choice of taking an assigned race kayaker or bringing your spouse, friend or someone who is interested in joining you for the nightlife after the race, to come and kayak for you.

No matter how you cut it this is definitely a great race to put your list… the more the merrier!




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