The great thing about being a global series, is that there is never an off-season.  Having just previously announced our winners for the 2017-18 season we’re all set to go and kick things off for 2018/19

We’re starting off right away with two very exciting races on opposite sides of the globe this weekend.  In Spain there’s the Marnaton eDreams Barcelona, an exciting swim in a vibrant Spanish city and then there’s the exotic and beautiful Swim Junkie Challenge: VIP Lobo in the Philippines.

Also importantly, at the end of the month we’re very excited for the GSS Global Championships in Cancun, Mexico. Stay tuned for more coverage there.

So before we get going on an another exciting year of open water swimming, here’s some exciting changes in store:

Relays Are In!

New starting for the 2018/19 Season! All GSS Member races that have a relay event will be eligible for GSS points. Previously only individual events were counted. Now all relay events will count as well but with the points divided among the swimmers.

Relays are also eligible for distance bonus points, which are added beforehand and then divided among relay members. So for example a 2-person 10km relay scoring 99 points will earn each swimmer 49.5 points. A 4-person 25km relay scoring 240 points will earn each swimmer 60 points. This will amount to less points than average than an individual swim, but will still allow relays to contribute to a swimmer’s overall point total!

Distance Points Are Here To Stay!

After trying out the concept last season of GSS Distance Points to reward swimmers for going the extra mile (literally) we are excited to say, that based on last season, Distance Points are here to stay with 10 extra GSS points awarded per kilometer above 10km for each finisher.

Even More Championships!

In the past couple seasons of the GSS we have introduced GSS Championship events – premium open water races that offer exceptional experiences and added bragging rights – while still allowing the same collection of GSS points you know and love.

This year we’re pleased to introduce new championship races to new regions, there’s still a few events to be confirmed but here’s how the schedule looks as of today:

  1. GSS Global Championships: Cancun, Mexico (May 26 -27th, 2018) @ El Cruce
  2. GSS North American Championships: Islamorada FL, USA @ the Swim For Alligator Lighthouse (September 15, 2018)
  3. GSS Canadian Championships: Toronto ON, Canada @ The Toronto Mile (July 22nd, 2018)
  4. GSS American Championships: Charleston SC, USA @ the Swim Around Charleston (September 16, 2018)
  5. GSS European Championships: Vansbro, Sweden @ the Vansbrosimningen (July 1-9, 2018)
  6. GSS African Championships: Pietermartizburg, South Africa @ the Midmar Mile (February 10-11, 2019)
  7. GSS South East Asian Championships: TBD, Philippines
  8. GSS Pacific Championships: TBD, Aus or NZ
  9. GSS Middle Eastern Championships: TBD, UAE
  10. GSS South American Championships: TBD, Brazil

Plenty Of Improvements To Come

We’re committed to constantly trying to improve and provide a even more fun and exciting experience for everyone. We’ll continue to add, improve and tweak things along the way to make the GSS experience around the globe an even better one. Some things to watch out for in the near future: website improvements, a total newsletter re-design (if you aren’t already subscribed you’re missing out and can signup here, scroll down on the right) and much more!


Looking to have your best season of open water swimming yet? Whether you’re looking to set a personal best on GSS points or want to challenge yourself to complete your first open water swim, training with a plan is a key component. That’s wear MySwimPro comes in.

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So that you don’t miss any of the action make sure that you follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! And stay up to date on the latest updates by signing up for the Open Water Update, our email newsletter which, as mentioned above, has some big changes in store!

Well, there you have it, another season the Global Swim Series is officially underway. Good luck to all, we hope this is your best year of open water swimming yet!

Happy swimming!


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