Kotlin Race

May 15-Sep 15
Saint Petersburg
7 Mile
Time Trial Solo Swim

Aboutthe swim

The Kotlin Race is an extremely challenging swim in Russia and offers a unique time trial format.

The location is spectacular, it takes place in the northern historic and cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg. The swim itself starts in St. Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland and continues for 25 km until swimmers reach the port city of Kronstadt on Kotlin Island.

The distance is 25 km, is tied with “Swim Across The Sound” as the longest races in the Global Swim Series, it is also the first GSS race in Russia! The distance alone makes it challenging, but so do the waves and sometimes rough open water conditions. It is a great marathon swim in itself, but also a great prep swim for other marathon swims like the English Channel.

The format is different than most races too. The race is more of a series of time trial solo swims throughout the summer season, from May 15-Sept 15, that are then compared and ranked at the end of the season. So picking the right day to do your own personal race becomes part of the challenge and strategy to not only complete the swim, but also to improve your ranking!

Because St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, it would be a shame not to incorporate some sightseeing while on your swim and possibly visit some of the neighbors close by, such as Helsinki, Finland, Stolkholm, Sweden, or Tallin, Estonia. And if you want to bring some friends along that might find 25 km a bit too challenging, there is also a relay offered (although it does not earn GSS points) and there are wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions and as water temp is 16-20C.

The Kotlin Race is a spectacular and unique challenge in the Global Swim Series!