La Traversée de Bordeaux à la Nage

EDF Aqua Challenge Bordeaux

June 23rd
River Swim

Aboutthe swim

The Bordeaux Region is well known for its wine. The city of Bordeaux is at the heart of the region. And La Traversee de Bordeaux a la Nage (Bordeaux Crossing Swim) is an incredible and historic race that goes back to 1927.

The race has come and gone over the years but has been running and growing consistently since 2007. In the early years of the race, almost 100 years ago, the race was a major event in Bordeaux, and thanks to the rise in popularity of open water swimming it is beginning to regain that stature.

Of course, 100 years ago, Bordeaux wasn't known as one of the most famous wine regions in the world. So if you need a further inducement to come and swim in one of the oldest open water races in the world, in this beautiful city and region, we'll excuse you if you let the celebratory drinks after the race do the trick!

Truly a special race, in a very special location. Go ahead and sign up now!