Le Drakkar

EDF Aqua Challenge Rouen

June 8-9th
1.5km, 3km, 10km
River Swim

Aboutthe swim

Rouen, on the banks of the Seine, is Normandy’s cultured, historic, gastronomic, vibrant capital. Monet’s canvases of the cathedral have made it the best-loved building in town, but many other glories stand out, including fine museums and the church dedicated to tragic visitor Joan of Arc.

As the capital of the northern French region of Normandy, Rouen has been an important historic city since the Roman era and Middle Ages. It has Gothic churches, such as Saint-Maclou and Saint-Ouen, and a cobblestoned pedestrian center with medieval half-timbered houses. The skyline is dominated by the spires of Cathédrale Notre-Dame, which was painted by Impressionist Claude Monet.

All of this history ties in nicely with this swim event: Le Drakkar, and that is because the race is also held on the same weekend as the Armada of Freedom!

The Armada of Freedom is a 10 day celebration complete with over 50 of the world's most spectacular tall ships, complete with concerts, fireworks and all kinds of entertainment! What a perfect time to host an open water race!

So come swim with the most beautiful sailing ships in the world for an extraordinary open water experience!

The Rouen Vikings Club hosts this race that includes distances of: 1.5k, 3k and 10k. You can discover, or rediscover, in complete safety, the pleasure of swimming in a healthy and natural environment.

The Drakkar is a family friendly event where all your relatives can accompany you and come support us while enjoying the village installed for the occasion.

So sign up now to come and enjoy this original adventure!

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