Generation Homes Legend of the Lake


March 16th
New Zealand
3.3km, 1km
Lake Swims

Aboutthe swim

Do you fancy a legendary challenge at the legendary Blue Lake, Rotorua? Of course you do because you are a legend who likes to go away for the weekend with friends and family to challenge yourself then celebrate and relax with other like-minded legends.

Rotorua is the ultimate weekend destination and caters to the ‘Daring Adventurers’ and ‘Coffee Sippers’ alike. Make a holiday of it by booking in your accommodation early and you too can look forward to heading away for a weekend to remember.

With it’s inaugural event in Feb 2016, the Legend of the Lake quickly become a highlight of the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series. Including the full range of event distances from the ‘Banana Boat OceanKids’ 200m kids event, the ‘Give it a Go’ 500m, the ‘Step it Up’ 1000m and the ‘I’m Going Long’ 3.5km swim – there really is a swim (or two!!) for everyone.

As pictured, this is a stunning setting that adds a ‘fresh’ new dimension to the Series. The lake is very clean, and it will be nice and warm too (average February temp between 21-23 degrees).

Special thanks to Donelley Sawmillers, proud sponsors of the Legend of the Lake event, who will once again be sprucing up the event prize giving with a wooden podium for our medal winners!

Are your 7-12 year old kids enjoying their swimming? Why not extend their skill range and confidence in a safe and fun environment with the Banana Boat OceanKids – a 200m ocean swim. What better way to encourage your children to have fun and be safe in the ocean, than being surrounded by their peers and inspiring life guards!

The New Zealand Ocean Swim Series is the largest group of open water swims in New Zealand, with over 8,000 swimmers participating in these 7 popular and professionally run races. So if you are a local looking to add more points to your Global Ranking from the other GSS races in New Zealand or you are someone vacationing in New Zealand and want to add points to your other races from around the world, these are fun and inclusive races that are well worth looking up!