Lisfannon to Ludden Swim

Crana Swim Series

May 18th
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

Crana Swim Series' 3rd Year Running.

The ‘Crana Swim Series’ is three sets of swims taking place in the picturesque waters of Lough Swilly. They will be spread over three weekends.

The series will appeal to those who have a goal in mind for the up and coming season. As the series will provide the perfect opportunity to become ‘race fit’!

Starting in the water at Lisfannon beach, swimmers will head for the point (along Lisfannon Golf Course) staying close to the rocks passing buoy 1. At the end of the rocks, swimmers will pass buoy 2 turning right and staying tight along the shoreline. (Beware of the current after buoy 2, ensure you stay close to the shore)