If you’re already thinking about how to get out of the cold, book your trip to Florida for this coming April and have an exciting race to look forward to!

The 5th annual Swim Around Lido Key is being hosted on April 27th in Sarasota, Florida and you won’t want to miss it. This is a 7 mile open-water swim that takes competitors around the beautiful island of Lido Key. The route boasts views of stunning beaches in the area so this long-distance swim will keep swimmers occupied with gorgeous views both in and out of the water.

This year’s event has a new race venue for the start and finish at Ken Thompson Park. The park is a great area for competitor’s cheering squads as there are piers from which to watch the swimmers finish.

Race Options

The Swim Around Lido Key has three race options for swimmers to choose from including a solo swim, a 2-person relay, and a 3-person relay.  This means that there are two fantastic options for open water swimmers who want to participate but may not want to commit to an entire 7 mile swim on their own.

All swimmers must arrange a pilot to accompany them by kayak. For solo swimmers, they’ll have a dedicated pilot whose sole job is to stick with their swimmer. Relay participants will have to switch between pilot and swimmer throughout the race and will not have a dedicated non-swimming pilot. For all the race participation information and rules for pilots, please visit the race information page here.

The Swim Around Lido Key is open to participants who are members of U.S. Masters Swimming and all athlete members of USA Swimming. Adults who are not current members of U.S. Masters Swimming may pay for a one-day membership during the online entry process. One-day memberships are available for swimmers over the age of 18.

The Area

Sarasota, Florida boasts incredible waters and beaches and is located approximately 1 hour south of Tampa. Temperatures in April range between 17-28 degrees Celsius (or 63 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit) and it’s typically sunny most days of the month.

While swimmers and pilots are enjoying the water, there are also plenty of things to do for family and cheering-squads. The Swim Around Lido Key is hosted in an area known for excellent restaurants and shopping so stay for the weekend to explore Sarasota and the surrounding area. Where-to-stay information can be found here and more information about Sarasota and things to do can be found here.

Don’t wait to sign up for the 2019, 5th annual Swim Around Lido Key, this year’s maximum capacity is 165 swimmers and the race fills up fast so sign up while you can! With beautiful views and water to enjoy, you won’t want to miss your chance to participate in a great day of family friendly day of fun and competition.



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