The New Zealand Ocean Swim Series has joined the Global Swim Series… and this is big news!

Not only is the New Zealand OSS the biggest swim series in New Zealand, but it is a world-class series!  We know a lot of swim races around the world, and this Series is one of the best.  The series is well run and professionally organized, so it is not too surprising that it is also huge.  People react well to quality events in iconic locations.  When you want to do an open water race, or any type of race for that matter, you probably want to improve your time, compete hard and have fun… which can be summed up as “you want a great experience”.  And that’s what they provide with these 7 classic races.

The races average a little over 1,000 participants and are spread out all over the country and all over the summer calendar.  The races usually have 4 distances too, about 3k, 1k, 500m and 200m, so very inclusive.  “The Big Tahuna” is the newest race, in its inaugural year, while other races have been around for as long as 15 years.  Again, the nice thing about having a quality race organization is that regardless of how old the race is, you know that the team will be putting on a fun, challenging, inclusive and iconic event.

So if you are a local Kiwi looking to add more points to your Global Ranking from any of the 6 other GSS races in New Zealand or you are a swimmer looking for an excuse to vacation in New Zealand and want to add points to your other races from around the world, these are fun and inclusive races that are well worth looking up!

Have a look:


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