Athletic events often offer the chance to explore areas and cultures from a unique perspective and to experience things you ordinarily wouldn’t. The Global Swim Series, at it’s core, aims to expose swimmers to unique adventures they can take in the name of open water swimming. With that said, we’re happy to announce the X-waters – Saint Petersburg Swim offers swimmers just that! A chance to experience a Russia they’ve never imagined.

This adventure is all about the spectacular and historic city of St Petersburg. And a really cool swim that takes place on Aug 11-12, 2018, taking you through the oldest and most historical areas of one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Welcome to the “X-waters – St Petersburg Swim.” The event is actually the 2nd GSS race in Saint Petersburg behind the epic Kotlin Race ultra-marathon swim.

For those that aren’t up on their Russian history, St Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city, it is located on the Neva River, close to Estonia and Finland. It was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703. That is also when he built the “Peter and Paul Fortress” on a tiny island in the Neva River to protect themselves from the Swedes.

This is the island that you will swim around.

So not only will you get to swim in this professionally run race, hosted by X-Waters, but you will also see this historically significant fortress as you circumnavigate it. Swimmers will be given a panoramic view of the Palace Embankment, the Hermitage, the spit of Vasilevsky Island and be able to see the Winter Palace, the Winter Palace Bridge, and the St Peter and Paul Cathedral. A truly grand swim, if ever there was one.

It is even a great spectator race, because your supporters can follow you around the island and see the same spectacular views, albeit keeping a bit drier while taking in the sights and taking the pictures.

Participants have the opportunity to swim “The Fortress” (one 2.3 km loop) or “The Double Fortress” (two 2.3 km loops, in case you missed anything on the first loop!).

Interesting to note, the swim is a circumnavigation of an island in a river. Meaning that, yes, you will be going with the current part of the time and against the current at other times. This is a tougher swim than the distance may indicate. But ultimately, it is worth it.

This is a swim with the grandeur and adventure worthy of any open water swimmer’s bucket list.

So sign up here!



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