After a long season of open water swimming races across the world, it will finally be time for the action to turn to South Africa in a couple weeks.  As we’ve already mentioned the aQuelle Midmar Mile will host the first ever GSS African Championships on Feb 10 & 11th, however the action doesn’t stop there.  The very next weekend the fun shifts across the country to just outside of Cape Town for the Sanlam Cape Mile.

Taking place on February 18th the Sanlam Cape Mile is one of South Africa’s, and the world’s, top tier events in open water swimming.  Though a relatively new race the Sanlam Mile has been able to draw in over 2000 swimmers.

The scenery is beautiful at the Eikenhof Dam, with mountains in the background and nice smooth water to swim in.  With Cape Town nearby this event makes for a great weekend getaway for locals and a cool trip for international swimmers.  The event is exceptionally well organized and there’s excitement in the air all day.

There’s often some big name talent leading the way at the event, with Chad Ho taking the overall title last year after also doing the same at the aQuelle Midmar Mile.  There is even some substantial prize money to be had as well.

Many swimmers do the back to back weekend challenge of the aQuelle Midmar Mile and then the Sanlam Mile the following weekend, which is also a great way to rise up in the GSS Global Rankings!

So make sure to mark your calendars for February 18th, the Sanlam Cape Mile is not a race you’ll want to miss!

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