Santorini Experience

The best way to explore one of the most beautiful places in Greece

October 4-6th
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

The Santorini Experience takes place on this Greek island, famous for its beauty and tourism.

Following several highly successful years, Greece’s biggest tourist sporting event is opening its gates to professional and amateur athletes, challenging them to try out their running and/or swimming skills.

The open water swim is a 1.5 mile (2.4km) race, with a separate wetsuit division. Swimmers will have the opportunity to test their abilities swimming from the volcano to the old port of Fira.  An incredibly spectacular and beautiful swim.  

The swim route was designed by the Federal Swimming Technician and coach of Olympic & World Champion medalists, Nikos Gemelos.  And there have been a large number of famous open water swimmers to swim this route, including: Hungarian open water swimmer Attila Manyoki, a member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) and big names from the Greek national team, such as Olympic and World Champion open water swimmer, Spyros Gianniotis, as well as World Champion open water swimmer, Kelly Araouzou. A variety of leading open water swimmers such as: Antonis Fokaidis, Giorgos Arniakos and Dimitris Negris have enjoyed the “Santorini Experience” too. 

For those who prefer running, the schedule includes three different routes, which have as background the unique images of the volcano, overlooking the Caldera as well as the unique settlements of Imerovigli, Firostefani and Oia.  More specifically, there is a 5 km running and dynamic walking route, a 10 km route for long-distance runners and even 15 km race for those who love stamina, technique and strength. And if 10k or 15k doesn't seem all that hard, take a look at the pictures and video.  To say it is a "hilly" route is a bit of an understatement!  It will make you glad you are a swimmer!  All the running routes start at the desalination plant in Oia, with parts of trail track, and again end in Oia.

As with many of the successful races in the GSS “Santorini Experience” is an event that has the full support of the local government.  The event is a collaboration between the Municipality of Thira of the Municipal Sports Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini (D.A.P.P.O.S.) and Active Media Group.  In practical terms, this means the whole community really gets into the swimming and running, and the place takes on a fun festival event, on top of the fun that Santorini is anyway! Start making plans for this one, it will be an incredible sports vacation!