Serbia now has 5 races in the Global Swim Series!

And when you add that to the 2 races in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and 1 in Croatia, it has allowed the swimmers in this region the opportunity to become major contenders in the Global Rankings!

The 3 new races in Serbia are:

1 Sabac Swimming Marathon (Aug 5) – which is also known as “The Peace Race” in honor of its historical roots, recognizing the struggle of it’s local people in WWII and the heroism and generosity of the locals too.  This 48 year old race has also been a FINA Grand Prix race and has had, and continues to get, some of the best and fastest swimmers from around the world to participate in what has become a fun multi-cultural and multi-sport event.2. Kanjiza Running and Swimming Festival (Aug 11) – also has historic roots… the first running and swimming competition in Kanjiza was organised in 1882! In 1982, the tradition was revived under a new name for the first time: The Kanjiza Running and Swimming Festival.  The festival includes a large number of sports, distances, age groups, DJ music, live concerts and a whole day party. This event has become the largest open water swimming competition in Serbia!3. Challenge Bezej International Swimming Marathon (Aug 4) – This race is the new one… but is still 18 years old!  The annual international swimming marathon “CHALLENGE Becej” will be held as part of the incredible Tisa festival: “Tanderbal 2018”.  The length of the swim is 3 km and since its inception in 2001 the race has attracted swimmers from all over the region! Come and enjoy another fun race and pick up more GSS Points for your Global Rankings!

Speaking of earning more GSS Points to move up in your Global Ranking, check out all the other races in the region!4. Peskara Swimming MarathonSerbia – June 23, 2018 (completed)

5. Bileca International Swimming MarathonBosnia & Herzegovina – July 15, 2018

6. Raslina Swimming Marathon – Croatia – July 21, 2018

7. Brcko Distrkt International Swimming Marathon Bosnia & Herzegovina – July 21, 2018

8. Ada Medjica Swimming Marathon Serbia – August 12, 2018

So pick one, or a whole bunch, of these races and come and have some fun!


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