Another successfully organized Raslina swimming marathon took place last weekend. There were 172 swimmers in 5km and 1.5 km race and as well as 47 swimmers in children’s races. First among the women in 5 km race was Doris Beroš while Grgo Mujan was first among the men. In 1.5 km race it was local girl from Raslina, Bruna Lokas who was first while Ivan Šitić (a former gold medal winner for the European junior championship in 2014) took the men’s race. Ivan Šitić’s sister, Karla Šitić was Croatian long distance swimming representative at London Olympic games in 2012.  Among famous and well known distance swimmers there was also Dina Levačić, first Croatian to swim across the La Manche channel.

This year the Raslina marathon awarded contestants in overall categories and a lot of age categories in both races. Each contestant that participated got a T-shirt, food and drinks

and a certificate of attendance.  This year there was even a local craft beer added to a swimmers package.  Raslina is kind of famous for it’s original T-shirts. This year the race had another cool and funny T-shirt which was given to all the swimmers.

It had the slogan: “Hooked on swimming” and a hook represented the 9th edition of the marathon.

Besides swimmers from Croatia, there were swimmers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Australia. Year by year there are a lot of swimmers outside of Croatia competing and organizers are very proud of that and plan to increase it in the future since the marathon is held in Raslina, on Prokljansko lake. Water there is brackish and very suitable for swimming.  Croatia is a big touristic country and


nearby City of Šibenik has a lot to offer to its tourists. You can see the number one attraction in Šibenik, the Cathedral of St. James. A stunning and stylish building, this magnificent cathedral was built in the 15th and 16th centuries and can be said to be one of the most significant monumental cathedrals in Europe. There are four fortresses in the city of Šibenik—the Fortresses of St. Nicholas, St. John and St. Michael, and the Fortress Šubićevac, all of which were built between the 15th and 17th centuries. Šibenik is just 15 km away from where the race is held.

Also, very near Raslina there is a Krka National Park. The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one of the more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems.  Race directors invite all GSS swimmers to the 10th Swimming marathon which will be held next year and suggest you stay a couple of days in Raslina or Šibenik, go sightseeing in nearby Šibenik and come to swim in Raslina, in a beautiful Prokljansko lake!

1.5km Results   5km Results


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