In 1958, years before The Beach Boys started playing songs that made the whole California beach scene a global phenomenon, was the first Coronado Rough Water Swim.  This race was cool before California was even cool.

When the Coronado Rough Water Swim was already 16 years old, in this same location, and with the same sporty San Diego beach crowd, a new sport was created: triathlon.

Eleven years later, in 1969, the idea of a rough water swim drifted across the Pacific to Hawaii, which resulted in the classic Waikiki Roughwater Swim.  That race, in turn, became the swim leg for the first Ironman triathlon in 1978.

This race ties some of the most important and most popular endurance races together.  And it all started with this race.  It’s fair to say that this race and this athletic community has a history like no other in the world.  

Yes, this is a must on any open water swimmers bucket list.

Coronado’s Annual 4th of July Rough Water Swim has this great history and this year marks 61 years of hosting this patriotic swim. Swimmers of all ages and abilities compete in a variety of distances. All participants receive an event t-shirt (not guaranteed for day-of registrations), finisher medal, and swim cap. This ocean swim is a fantastic way to start the July 4th holiday!

Each year participants come from all over the world to challenge themselves in this annual event. With age groups from under 12 to over 70 years old demonstrating their commitment to ocean swimming everyone will enjoy swimming or watching this incredible challenge.

If you have never experienced celebrating 4th of July in Coronado California it will be an unforgettable experience. The small town feel of Coronado comes together for a celebration like no other. Competing in the swim is a great excuse to come to the island and experience everything Coronado has to offer on this big American holiday.