Great name, “Swim Defiance“.  And no, it doesn’t involve swimming where there is a “no swimming” sign.

Swim Defiance is actually a race from Port Defiance across the Puget Sound.  You actually have a choice of the “one way” 3k distance, or a 5k, “there and back” distance.

One of the incredible things about this race is that

Cool logo too… note the woman in the logo is from this photo of the first swim in 1926!

the first time this race was held was in 1926.  Back in the early hey-days of open water swimming.  Around the time when the first woman, Gertrude Ederle, became the first woman to swim across the English Channel.  Also when Canadian, George Young, won the race across the Catalina Channel and when the first open water races started at the Canadian National Expo in Toronto.  The golden age of open water swimming.  And this race was part of it.

Now you can be a part of modern open water swimming history with Swim Defiance and the Global Swim Series.

Swim Defiance joins the 3 other races just a short drive away, across the border in Vancounver, to join the Global Swim Series.  This, of course, helps locals build their Global Ranking too.

The venue is also a classic Pacific North-west. Rugged beauty, cold water (but you can wear a wetsuit) and a warm, grass-roots organization.  The race is very well run, friendly and welcoming for the whole family.  So if are interested in a great challenge, a lot of fun at a spectacular venue… then mark it on your calendar and come out for a great swim and be a part of modern open water history!


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