Swim For Haiti

An off-the-beaten track adventure for a great cause!

January 27th
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

Unlike pool swimming where it is all about uniformity, open water swimming is about the uniqueness of each race. The countries, the customs, the locations, even the water itself, each make all the swims in the Global Swim Series unique. Having said that, the Swim for Haiti is still different than most.

There are races in the Global Swim Series that focus on speed and competitiveness, often with World Champion swimmers and Olympians battling it out for first spot and the prize money, which is awesome. But this isn’t one of those races. The Swim for Haiti has a totally different focus.

First of all, to point out the obvious… it is in Haiti. A place known for more for earthquakes, hurricanes and political turmoil than for open water swimming, however don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This is a warm, friendly and beautiful vacation and swim.

Secondly, this is about as grass-roots of a race as you can get. When your escort boat is a fisherman in a dug-out canoe, you know you are taking part in a very grass-roots race!

And thirdly, this race is a swim with a very direct and relevant cause. Swim for Haiti’s goal is to raise money to teach 6,000 local kids to swim safely and even to develop a national swim team to represent Haiti at the Olympics!

So if you are looking for a more adventurous and less competitive swim-holiday in a location off the beaten path, but still in a place with great swimming and incredible beauty… this is the race for you!

This is really something beautiful and special. Enjoy.