Swim Groomsport

Northern Ireland
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

Another race in the H2O Play Swim Series. Currently scheduled as the last race of the season. Like all the races in the H2O Play Swim Series the entry fees are very affordable to allow everyone to participate. £15 entry fee with a special gift and a medal for all competitors!

As a brief description for all the non-locals that want to know what Groomsport is like, there are few coastal villages in Ireland can compare with Groomsport for scenic charm, tranquil beauty and historical heritage.

There is even a festival for the heroic attempt of the ‘Eagle Wing’, the first ship to set sail for the New World to establish the first settlement of Ulster-Scots, is commemorated in the village’s annual Eagle Wing Festival in July, a lively three-day celebration of the considerable contribution made by Ulster folk to the American way of life.

Nowadays, visitors and locals are attracted by the beautifully landscaped picnic and play areas around the harbour, the sandy beaches, quality pubs, restaurants and the picture-postcard beauty of the place. It also boasts a very active sailing club (Cockle Island Boat Club). The village, with a population of approximately 3,000, has a recreation ground with 2 football pitches, also a village hall situated in the historic boathouse at the harbour that dates back to 1884.

Quaint, picturesque, only a short drive from Belfast… and great swim race!