La Posidonienne is an incredible open water swimming event in the south of France that takes place on Oct 14, 2018.

The races take place in the Mediterranean Sea, in the coast of the town of Martigues and only a short distance from the majestic resort town of Marseille. 

A swim trip to the south of France wouldn’t be complete without taking in the sights in the area, including Martigues and Marseille. Marseille has over 4 million visitors each year. With its beaches, history, architecture and culture (24 museums and 42 theatres), Marseille is one of the most visited cities in France.
There are several distances to choose from, 500m, 1.5k, 3k, 5k and even Relays. Whatever the race you opt for, it is always within 300m of the shore, which not only makes the race very safe, but also very scenic. 

The spirit of ‘La Posidonienne’ is oriented towards the love of the sport, taking place in an amazingly beautiful location, keeping full respect for the natural environment. The goal is to maintain a festive and friendly atmosphere as well as the discovery of an exceptionally beautiful natural site.

The race is also a stage in the French and Regional Cups! So there are some fast swimmers that often attend, but the race certainly welcomes people from the general public that are looking for a beautiful and challenging race!


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