October 5-6th
800m, 1.5km, 3.5km, 6km & relay options
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

SWIMTHEISLAND – Bergeggi – is a world-class race found in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. If you like spectacular scenery, gorgeous ocean swimming and one of the best run major swims in the world… then this is for you!

This annual open water swimming event, which has grown to over 3000 participants since it started in 2010, takes place in the Italian region of Liguria. Liguria is one of the richest areas with regards to history and maritime culture. This region is characterized by crystal clear water and a dramatic, rocky coast. It offers swimmers and visitors its stunning views and a chance to enjoying marine and land activities.

SWIMTHEISLAND – Bergeggi is one of the most exciting swimming events in Europe and takes place along a unique stretch of coast: The Marine Protected Area of Bergeggi, where you can find a incredible underwater caves and such spectacular scuba diving points as the “Canalone”, the “Pifferaio” (piper), the Marine Cave of “Punta Predani”.

In the surrounding area you can discover picturesque villages overlooking the sea, characterized by the charm of their history and their seafaring tradition. During the event, you will be able to stay overnight in one of the nearby villages, thanks to special agreements for the event’s participants.

You can choose among the maritime town of Spotorno or Bergeggi (located in front of the namesake wonderful island, on the top of a promontory), and Noli, a medieval village that is part of “I Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (The Most Beautiful Italian Villages)!

SWIMTHEISLAND has a race for everyone, check out all the distances and races:

- A challenge dedicated to little swimmers, KID’S THE ISLAND, offers distances of 100m (6/7 years old), 200m (8/9 years old), 400m (10/11/12 years old) but always with the aim of CIRCUMNAVIGATING an island, just like the real Bergeggi Island.
- The SPRINT CHALLENGE | 800 m: the race is a Challenge and consists of a series of qualifying heats (20 swimmers per heat) and a final race, which be accessed by only the top 5 in each heat qualifying
- The FAMILY / TEAM EVENT | 800 m: each TEAM must be composed as follows:
3 swimmers ( 1 man and 2 women or 1 woman and 2 men) OR 2 swimmers (1 man and 1 woman) [woman/man = adult or kid] – The MWM RELAY | 800 m: this race will take place exclusively on Relay mode: Man-Woman- Man.
- SHORT SWIM | 1800 m: Distance: 1.8 km (about 1 mile) | LIDO DI TORRE beach Turning point at the Island, arriving at LIDO DI TORRE beach.
- CLASSIC SWIM | 3500 m: Distance: 3.5 km (about 2 miles) | LIDO DI TORRE beach Turn clockwise around the island along the Marine Protected Area by going through “Punta Predani”, return to the beach LIDO DI TORRE.
- LONG SWIM | 6000 m: Distance: 6.0 km (about 3 miles) | LIDO DI TORRE beach. Clockwise around the Island along the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area passing through “Punta Predani”, repeating a 2nd lap and returning to the LIDO DI TORRE beach.
- COMBINED SWIM | 1800 m + 6000 m: it means that ONE swimmer can participate to the SHORT race (starting at 10.00) and then start in the 6.0 km race afterward. The COMBINED swimmers will be rewarded according to a dedicated ranking. The winning SWIMMER will be determined according to the sum of his timing on the 2 races, in order to issue the seeding.

Spectacular scenery, world-class event, beautiful swimming… this is certainly one of those major races that you should put on your bucket list… and then come and cross it off!