Swim the Bridge


April 6th
New Zealand
1km, 2km
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

For the first time ever, you can swim under the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge in a brand event offered by the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series. That's right, in addition to running and cycling over ‘the coat hanger’ at other major recreational sporting events, you’ll be able to experience the Bridge like never before – from the water.

After 14 years of harbour swims, with the former Harbour Crossing swim, event organizers thought it was time to kick things up a notch and introduce Swim The Bridge, a whole new ocean swimming experience under one of New Zealand’s most recognizable icons.

Two awesome swim distances are on offer at the first ever Swim The Bridge event, giving you the choice to make the most of the epic open water and views of the Bridge’s underbelly.

The Single Crossing 1km starts from Northcote Point and takes you under the eastern clip on lanes, across to the finish line on the city side at Harbour Bridge Park.

If you’re a competent swimmer and keen for a unique challenge, have a crack at the Double Crossing 2km, taking you from the city side at Harbour Bridge Park across to Northcote Point then across the width of the bridge and back along the eastern clip on lanes.

Whether you are a first time ocean swimmer or ‘seasoned salty’, we know you’ll love Swim The Bridge.